AdSense High CPC Keywords List 2024: $1000 CPC Keywords

AdSense High CPC Keywords List In 2024 – High CPC AdSense Keywords – Hello friends, you know that Google AdSense blog is the best and easiest way to earn. You can earn millions of rupees from AdSense. So today I am sharing all the details of the high CPC AdSense keywords list and which country gets the most CPC through this blog, using which you can increase the earnings of your blog. Getting high CPC keywords on your blog isn’t that easy.

In this post, I’ve mentioned the High CPC AdSense Keywords list that will generate 100% better revenue for your blog and website. In This List, You Will Get All Keywords listed with a High CPC Rate. Google AdSense is one of the best CPC networks available online to make money. The secret to increasing AdSense’s earnings is to use these keywords in your blog posts. These keywords allow you to increase your AdSense CPC (Cost Per click).

AdSense High CPC Keywords List
AdSense High CPC Keywords List

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What is High CPC Paying Keywords?

High CPC (Cost Per Click) paying keywords are particular terms or phrases marketers bid on in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns like Google Ads. These terms are frequently linked to markets or subjects that are highly competitive and have a great deal of potential to bring in money for corporations. When a user clicks on an advertisement after performing a keyword search, the advertiser is ready to pay a certain amount per click.

  • The CPC of a keyword is influenced by several factors, including the demand for that keyword, the competitiveness of the market, the quality and relevance of the ad and landing page, and the overall budget of the advertiser.
  • High CPC keywords can vary depending on trends, industry shifts, and regional differences, but they often fall within sectors like finance, insurance, legal services, healthcare, and technology, where businesses are willing to invest more to reach potential customers.

High CPC Paying AdSense Keywords List 2024

AdSense High CPC Paying Keywords List: Below we Have Provided All high Paying keywords. Insurance Is Leading This List. Lawyer And Attorney Are Also High CPC keywords. Then  Followed By a Lawyer, Mortgage, And Attorney. All These Keywords Are High CPC Keywords. Insurance Is the Most Expensive Keyword in Google Adsense. Check all High CPC Paying Keywords.

KeywordSearch VolumeCPC
Insurance100K – 1M$43
Lawyer100K – 1M$41
Mortgage100K – 1M$24
Attorney100K – 1M$18
Donate100K – 1M$16
Conference call10K – 100K$21
Degree100K – 1M$21
Credit100K – 1M$20
Electricity100K – 1M$13
SEO100K – 1M$11

What Is CPC?

Cost per click is known as CPC in the short term. This is the amount that the advertising advertiser pays you when you click on the ad displayed on your website. CPC varies with different ads and different countries. We Can Say That CPC stands for Cost Per Click, and it is a metric used in online advertising to measure how much an advertiser pays for each click on their advertisement. It is commonly used in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, where advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their ad. The highest CPC-paying Country In the World Is the United States.

Here’s an explanation of CPC with an example:

Suppose you are a digital marketer running a Google Ads campaign for an online shoe store. You have set a budget of $1000 for your campaign, and your campaign has generated 2,000 clicks on your ads during a specific period. To calculate your CPC, you would use the following formula:

Adsense CPC Calculation

CPC = Total Cost of the Campaign / Total Clicks

Let’s say your total campaign cost was $1000, and you received 2,000 clicks:

CPC = $1000 / 2,000 = $0.50

So, in this example, your Cost Per Click (CPC) is $0.50. This means that on average, you paid $0.50 for each click on your ads. A lower CPC is generally desirable in designing ad Campaigns because it means you get more clicks for your advertising budget.

What Are High CPC Keywords?

To earn a good amount of money, you have to do good research on keywords. Once you target high CPC keywords, you’ll get more clicks and make more money. However, it’s not easy to rank on these high CPC keywords. So, to earn good money with these High CPC keywords, you need to find keywords that have less competition. You can use SEMRush to do this easily. Use or create your website when following the most expensive and highest CPC-paying AdSense keywords to earn good revenue.

Keyword Definition: High CPC Keywords: These are specific search terms or phrases for which advertisers bid a substantial amount of money for each click on their ads when they appear in search engine results or on other advertising platforms.

High CPC Keywords


  • For Example, Let’s consider the niche of online insurance quotes.
  • Advertisers in the insurance industry know that acquiring a customer through online channels can be highly profitable because it often leads to long-term revenue through policy sales.
  • In this Insurance niche, keywords like “car insurance quotes,” “life insurance rates,” or “health insurance plans” are highly competitive because they are associated with potential customers actively looking for insurance options online.
  • In this Niche Advertisers are willing to pay a high CPC for these keywords because they have a strong intent to purchase insurance, and each click has a good chance of converting into a policy sale.
  • For example, an insurance company might be willing to pay $40 or more for a click on their ad when someone searches for “car insurance quotes” because the potential customer’s lifetime value can outweigh the advertising cost.

High CPC SEO Keywords List 2024:

AdSense High CPC Keywords List: Seo is Another Niche and It is a Very Competitive Niche For Bloggers. Here we Have Provided Some Of the High CPC Keywords.

  • Dental SEO company –$ 149.33
  • Seo reputation management –$ 97.36
  • Seo copywriting services –$ 97.16
  • International SEO services –$ 97.13
  • International SEO agency –$ 95.03
  • Seo for plumbers –$ 88.26
  • Seo marketing experts –$ 76.92
  • Seo for e-commerce website –$ 75.93
  • B2b seo services –$ 72.15

AdSense High CPC Paying Countries List 2024 :

Here is the list of the top 10 Adsense highest CPC paying  Countries and high CPC AdSense Keywords In the World, Which You Can Check From Below. The United States is Leading this List with a High CPC Rate. Australia is Followed By Canada In 2nd and 3rd Place.

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Marshal islands
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Brazil
  • New Zealand
  • Italy

AdSense High CPC Paying Countries

Bitcoin High CPC AdSense Keywords List 2024

This is the Complete List of All Bitcoin Keywords That have high CPC. The full Table Of High CPC Keywords Is given below

KeywordsCPC (USD)
Bitcoin merchant account$64.32
Bitcoin merchant services$33.24
Bitcoin mining cloud computing$32.65
Buy bitcoin Australia$21.47
Buy stocks with bitcoin$21.08
Software mining bitcoin$18.19
Bitcoin mining gpu$18.19
Buy stock with bitcoin$17.59
Bitcoin stock chart$16.24
How to invest in Bitcoin stock$16.16
Sec Coin $111.76
Top Crypto Companies$37.72
Anchorage crypto $34.70
Coin tracker$32.49
Webull crypto$28.33
The best platform to buy cryptocurrency$19.09

Health And Medical Adsense High CPC keywords list:

These Are The highest CPC keywords From Health And Medical Niche. Check the Complete List Below

  • Medical billing and coding -$ 56.30 CPC
  • Medical billing -$ 32.72 CPC
  • Air ambulance -$ 31.62 CPC
  • Medical coder -$ 27.66 CPC
  • Emr systems -$ 22.87 CPC
  • Medical care- $ 17.03 CPC
  • Online prescription -$ 16.75 CPC
  • Emrs -$ 15.55 CPC
  • Private healthcare -$ 12.83 CPC
  • Emergency medicine doctor near me -$ 12.14 CPC
  • Weightloss clinic -$ 10.69 CPC
  • St. Joseph Medical Center- $ 10.55 CPC
  • Medical student -$ 10.32 CPC
  • Medical practitioner -$ 10.12 CPC
  • Uber Health -$ 9.37 CPC
  • Weight loss clinic -$ 9.36 CPC
  • Western medicine -$ 9.26 CPC
  • mental health care plan -$ 9.10 CPC
KeywordsCPC (high range)
Youfit Dania Pointe$485.58
Youfit near me$332.32
In shape fitness$256.06
Health and Fitness$32.93
Webull crypto$28.33
Corporate fitness programs$26.20
Corporate Fitness$18.78
Club one fitness$12.55

Web Hosting High CPC AdSense Keyword List 2024 : 

High CPC Niches List for Blogging, YouTube, And AdSense In 2024. This Is The Complete List Of all Keywords For Web Hosting Niche. Bloggers Can Check All Keywords Below.

  • Best cloud hosting for WordPress – $123.20
  • WordPress hosting services – $110.93
  • Dreamhost web hosting – $107.26
  • Best WordPress hosting – $97.24
  • WordPress cloud hosting – $93.88
  • Best-managed WordPress hosting – $90.83
  • Premium WordPress hosting – $88.94
  • Fastest WordPress hosting – $88.30
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting – $86.48
  • WordPress VPS hosting – $82.79
  • Cloud-based hosting providers – $82.09
  • Best wp hosting – $79.37
  • WordPress domain and hosting – $73.39
  • WordPress hosting – $72.20
  • Best Magento hosting – $70.10
  • Month-to-month web hosting – $69.05
  • VPS WordPress – $67.16
  • WordPress hosting sites – $62.03
  • Best WordPress hosting sites – $61.97

Web Hosting High CPC Keywords List

These are The High CPC Keywords From the Web hosting Niche And You can Target These Keywords. A full list of Web Hosting High CPC Keywords is Given Below.

Web Hosting KeywordsAdSense CPC
Bluehost student discount$1000.00
Google Workspace web hosting$1000.00
Bluehost coupons$944
Gator web hosting$393.85
Hostgator hosting plans$324.54
Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress$123.20
WordPress Hosting Services$110.93
Dreamhost Web Hosting$107.26
Best WordPress Hosting 2024$97.24
WordPress Cloud Hosting$93.88
Best Managed WordPress Hosting$90.83
Premium WordPress Hosting$88.94
Fastest WordPress Hosting$88.30
Dedicated WordPress Hosting$86.48
WordPress VPS Hosting$82.79
Cloud-Based Hosting Providers$82.09
Best WP Hosting$79.37
WordPress Domain And Hosting$73.39
WordPress Hosting$72.20
Best Magento Hosting$70.10
Month To Month Web Hosting$69.05
VPS WordPress$67.16
WordPress Hosting Sites$62.03
Best WordPress Hosting Sites$61.97

High CPC Donations Keywords list 2024 :

The donation Niche In Blogging Is a Very High-paying Paying Niche. CPC Of Donation Keywords Go to 50 dollars per click. Here We Have Provided Some Paying Keywords List For You.

Donations Keywords AdSense CPC
Kidney Foundation Car Donation$55.98
Unicef Donation$54.15
Reputable Car Donation Charities$49.68
NPR Car Donation$47.07
Donate Money To Charity$46.28
Best Car Donation Charities$43.14
Cancer Research Donation$41.22
Donating To Charity$39.73

Software Niche High CPC Keywords List:

These Are The Highest CPC Keywords Related To Software that We Search On Google. Check All Keywords Given below.

  • Accounting software – $ 53.56 CPC
  • Project management software – $ 49.39
  • Aomei backupper – $ 39.21
  • Dental software – $ 38.08
  • CRM software – $ 38.02
  • ERP software – $ 37.26
  • POS system – $ 36.74
  • CRM – $ 36.41
  • Zoho people – $ 32.62
  • CRM system – $ 32.37
  • Project management tools – $ 31.57
  • SAP business one – $ 31.10
  • CMMS – $ 30.57
  • Software development – $ 28.71

Highest CPC Paying Insurance Keywords List 2024 :

Another Niche in Blogging is Insurance. This niche Is very Competitive and Getting Ranked On the First Page Is Very Difficult. Here We have Provided all high-paying CPC Keywords. Check the Full List of all Keywords below.

Auto insurance quotes$ 103.05
Workers compensation insurance$ 103.02
Car insurance quotes$ 97.61
Compare car insurance online$ 93.57
Buy car insurance online$ 89.65
Auto insurance$ 86.77
Commercial auto insurance$ 84.74
Small business insurance$ 82.63
Professional indemnity$ 80.54
General liability insurance$ 77.06
e&o insurance$ 76.07
Business Insurance$ 79.26
Car insurance$ 75.20
Insurance quotes$ 73.91

Education High CPC Keywords list 2024 :

This is the complete list of all High CPC Keywords from the Education Niche. You Can Check All the Keywords listed below. Online Classes Are the leading keyword With High CPC.

Online Classes$44.18
Online Colleges$99.20
Online College Courses$57.21
Online Schools$53.78
Online Degrees$43.54
Online College degrees$60.86
Online Universities$45.49
Online College Classes$72.80
Online Degree Programs$49.53
Online College Schools$76.64
Online College Programs$73.65
Top Online Colleges$72.61
Accredited Online College Courses$80.31

Which are The Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google Ads?

These are The Top 20 Most Expensive keywords In Google Ads. You Can Target These Keywords For Your Business Niche. The Full List of all keywords is given below in the table.

Most Expensive KeywordsCost per Click (CPC)
Insurance Keyword$54.91
Loans Keyword$44.28
Mortgage Keyword$47.12
Attorney Keyword$47.07
Credit Keyword$36.06
Lawyer Keyword$42.51
Donate Keyword$42.02
Degree Keyword$40.61
Hosting Keyword$31.91
Claim Keyword$45.51
Conference Call Keyword$42.05
Trading Keyword$33.19
Software Keyword$35.29
Recovery Keyword$42.03
Transfer Keyword$29.86
Gas/Electricity Keyword$54.62
Classes Keyword$35.04
Rehab Keyword$33.59
Treatment Keyword$37.18
Cord Blood Keyword$27.80

Which are the Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords In 2024?

These are The Top 20 Most expensive Keywords in Google Ads. Insurance is the most Expensive Keyword. Check All the top 20 Most Expensive Keywords below.

Top 20 Highest CPC Niche Keywords list
Top 20 Highest CPC Niche Keywords
S.N.Top 20 Most Expensive KeywordsCost per Click (CPC)
11Conference Call$42.05
20Cord Blood$27.80

How to Find High Paying (CPC) Google AdSense Keywords in 2024?

Here are some of the best keyword software that can Be used To Find Out High CPC Keywords For blogs and YouTube. You can Use Any Of these Tools To Find Out high CPC Keywords. Some of the Most Popular Keyword Finders Are – Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest,, And Long Tail Pro.

S.N. Tool Name
3 Ubersuggest
5Long Tail Pro

How To Find Out High CPC Keywords On SEMrush?

Semrush is An all-in-one SEO and SEM platform. The Main Function of this tool is keyword research. After the 7-day free trial, you must pay a minimum of $99.95 monthly. Although SEMrush serves a wide spectrum of consumers, it is best suited for those with a strong background in digital marketing. Here We are Sharing a Complete Process About How to Check High CPC Keywords On Semrush.

High CPC Keywords On SEMrush

  • First Visit SEMrush Tool Official Website
  • Now sign up for the SEMrush Tool
  • Now Home page Will Open before You
  • Now Insert the keyword in the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Hit the search button
  • This opens the keyword overview page.
  • Now you’ll find the CPC at the end of the first box on the left side.

How To Find Out High CPC Keywords At Ahrefs?

Ahrefs Is one of the most Premium Tools for Keyword Research. The cheapest package costs $99 and does not include a free trial. However, you may use just $7 a week to explore Ahrefs. It is also appropriate for companies interested in creating digital marketing plans. Here we are Sharing a Complete Process to Check High CPC Keywords At Ahrefs.

High CPC Keywords At Ahrefs

  • First Sign up on Ahrefs
  • Now Select the keyword explorer menu
  • Next, Select Google at the top of the page.
  • Now Insert your keyword or multiple keywords
  • Hit the search icon
  • CPC will be displayed in the third box at the top of the page.

How to Find Profitable Niches for Google AdSense Earnings In 2024?

There are many Keyword Research Tools Available. Tools such as Google Ads’ Keyword Planner can provide a good idea of the top-paying keywords For Your Blog. Additionally, You Can use Semrush And Keyword intent Tools For keywords. You’ll want to consider some important things when researching profitable niches And High CPC.

  • Traffic Volume
  • Cost-Per-click
  • Competition
  • Niche
  • Country Target.

How to Find High-Paying AdSense Keywords Online With Free Keyword Research Tools?

Do you Know More Than 80 Percent Of AdSense Revenue Comes From 20 Percent of Keywords? Bloggers Always Want to Know About More High CPC Keywords To Earn More. Bloggers can use Free and paid tools for Keyword Research. There Are Many Tools Available Like Google Keyword Planner, SpyFu,  Long Tail Pro, And Semrush Which you Can Use For Keyword Research.

  • First Use A Free Or Paid keyword Research Tool.
  • First You Need To Enter the domain of any of your competitors to get the keyword data.
  • Next, click on the “CPC section” to list out all the high-paying keywords.
  • Now Compile the list of all the keywords and Download it to your PC.
  • By following This Process You Can Do A Good Research On Keywords. Follow Above Process And Find all Your Competitor’s Keywords And CPC.

  • Spyfu is one of the best tools for keyword research
  • It costs you just $33 per month if you wish to choose their annual plan.

  • SEMrush is an all-in-one online tool for keyword research.
  • If you want to rank your content with high-traffic keywords and good CPC, then use SEMrush.
  • It finds and analyzes the high-paying AdSense keywords of other sites.

After insurance Which are the best niches For High CPC keywords?

Following the Niches are Insurance which Has High CPC Keywords. Check all the Niches listed below.

  • Online education @ $12.08 a click.
  • Marketing and Advertising @  $6.45 per click.
  • Legal averaging @ $6.11 per click.
  • Internet & telecom @ $4.96 per click.

How can I get a high CPC on AdSense?

There are Different Factors And Methods Which Decide High CPC In Adsense. There are 6 Proven Ways Through Which You Can Increase Your Adsense CPC Rate. Check all methods below.

  • Niche.
  • Content.
  • Ad Placement
  • Keep Experimenting
  • Block low CPC Ad categories
  • Target Country

Which Are the Top 10 High CPC Adsense Keywords in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh High CPC Keywords Are the Following. As We Know Insurance is the Most Expensive Keyword in Google Adsense. In Bangladesh Also Insurance is High CPC Keyword.

  • Education: $15 CPC
  • Digital Marketing: $12 CPC
  • Telecom: $11 CPC
  • Web Hosting: $7 CPC
  • Healthcare: $37 CPC

What Are the Top 100 High CPC Keywords in India In 2024?

Most Of New Bloggers Want to Know About The Top 100 High CPC Niches Or Keywords For Their Blog. To Solve this Problem Here we are sharing the Full List of the Most Expensive Keywords below.

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Credit cards
  4. Web hosting
  5. Online Education
  6. MBA
  7. Lawyers
  8. Donate
  9. Conference call services
  10. Gas/Electricity
  11. Software
  12. Trading
  13. Mortgage
  14. Attorney
  15. Claim
  16. Conference call services
  17. Cord blood
  18. Degrees
  19. Debt consolidation
  20. Cloud Hosting
  21. Online classes
  22. Criminal defense
  23. Home equity loan
  24. Car insurance
  25. Health insurance
  26. Life insurance
  27. Personal loans
  28. Home loans
  29. Internet marketing services
  30. Best credit cards
  31. Cheap web hosting
  32. Online courses
  33. Distance education
  34. MBA programs
  35. Law firm
  36. Accident Lawyer
  37. Work from home
  38. Online degrees
  39. Medical coding training
  40. Medical transcription services
  41. Medical billing and coding services
  42. Medical billing software
  43. Medical billing training
  44. Medical billing and coding training
  45. Online MBA programs
  46. Online nursing programs
  47. Online degree programs
  48. MBA online
  49. MBA programs in India
  50. Best MBA programs
  51. Top MBA programs
  52. MBA in finance
  53. MBA in marketing
  54. MBA in HR
  55. MBA in operations
  56. Best law firms
  57. Criminal defense attorney
  58. Personal injury attorney
  59. DUI Attorney
  60. Family law attorney
  61. Bankruptcy Attorney
  62. Car accident attorney
  63. Real estate attorney
  64. Immigration Attorney
  65. Employment lawyer
  66. Online degree courses
  67. Online certificate programs
  68. Online education degree programs
  69. Online accounting degree
  70. Online business degree
  71. Online computer science degree
  72. Online engineering degree
  73. Online finance degree
  74. Online marketing degree
  75. Online psychology degree
  76. Online teaching degree
  77. Online MBA
  78. Patent attorney
  79. Intellectual property attorney
  80. Corporate law firms
  81. Business lawyer
  82. Divorce lawyer
  83. Adoption lawyer
  84. Child custody lawyer
  85. Tax lawyer
  86. Property lawyer
  87. Best web hosting
  88. Cheap domain registration
  89. Virtual server hosting
  90. Cloud hosting
  91. Dedicated server hosting
  92. Web design services
  93. Online store builder
  94. E-commerce solutions
  95. Social media marketing services
  96. Search engine optimization services
  97. Pay-per-click advertising services
  98. Email marketing services
  99. Content marketing services
  100. Video marketing services

FAQ: AdSense High CPC Keywords In USA

What Are The Top 20 Highest CPC Niche Keywords?

Ans: This Is The List Of the top 20 High CPC keywords From Different Niches. These keywords Are very competitive and have High CPC.

  • Insurance – $54.91
  • Loans – $44.28
  • Mortgage – $47.12
  • Attorney – $47.07
  • Credit – $36.06
  • Lawyer – $42.51
  • Donate – $42.02.
  • Degree – $40.61
  • Hosting – $31.91
  • Claim – $45.51
  • Conference Call – $42.05
  • Trading – $33.19
  • Software – $35.29
  • Recovery – $42.03
  • Transfer – $29.86
  • Gas / Electricity – $54.62
  • Classes – $35.04
  • Rehab – $33.59
  • Treatment – $37.18
  • Cord Blood – $27.80
What Are the Top 10 High-Paying AdSense CPC Countries?

Ans: This Is The List Of Top 10 AdSense High CPC Paying Countries List. The United States Is the Number One Country In CPC.

  1. United States
  2. Australia
  3. Canada
  4. Marshal Islands
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Germany
  7. Switzerland
  8. Brazil
  9. New Zealand
  10. Italy
What are the Highest Paying Blogging Niches In India?

Ans: In India, Some of the highest-paying niches are Make Money Online, Social Media Marketing, Finance and Investing, Educational Videos, Gaming Etc.

Which Is the Best Free Google AdSense Keyword Planner?

Ans – Best Free Tool To Plan Keywords Is Google Keyword Planner. With The Help Of This Keyword Planner, You Can Get High CPC Keywords Ideas For Your Website. google keyword planner high CPC keywords list Is Provided Above.

Which Is the Best Paid Premium Keyword Planner For My Blog?

Ans – Semrush Is One Of The Best And Premium Word Research Tools. You Can Use This tool For Finding High CPC Keywords For Your Blog. More Than 90 percent Blogger Use This Tool For Keyword Research.

Which Is The $1000 CPC Keyword?

Ans: “Mesothelioma survival rates ” Is The $1000 Keyword In Google AdSense.

Which Are the Top 5 High-Paying Niches with Low Competition?

Ans: These are the Top 5 High Cpc Paying Niches With Low Competition. Check List

  1. Education Niche: $15 CPC
  2. Digital Marketing Niche: $12 CPC
  3. Telecom Niche: $11 CPC
  4. Web Hosting Niche: $7 CPC
  5. Healthcare Niche: $37 CPC
Which Are the Top 10 Most Expensive AdSense Keywords in 2024?

Ans: The Top 10 high CPC Keywords are the Following

  1. Insurance – $59 CPC
  2. Gas/Electricity – $57 CPC
  3. Loans – $50 CPC
  4. Mortgage – $44 CPC
  5. Attorney – $48 CPC
  6. Lawyer – $43 CPC
  7. Donate – $42 CPC
  8. Conference Call – $42 CPC
  9. Degree – $40 CPC
  10. Credit – $38 CPC
Which Are the Top 5 High CPC Keywords From Education Niche In 2024?

Ans: Top 5 Education Niche Keywords Are the Following

  • Colleges – ($ 95.65)
  • Today Online Classes – ($ 95.06)
  • Best Online Courses –  ($ 5.33)
  • Top Online Courses – ($ 5.18)
  • Online Colleges –  ($ 95.65)
Which AdSense niche pays the highest CPC?

Ans: Insurance and Loan Niches Pay the Highest In Google AdSense. You Can Create a Blog On Insurance or Loan Niche.

What Are 15 Best AdSense Niches for Publishers in 2024?

Ans: This Is the List Of Best AdSense Niches For Publishers For 2024. Check the Full Details below

  1. Insurance
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Health and Fitness
  4. Real Estate
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Online Learning
  7. Automobile
  8. Make Money Online
  9. Personal Finance
  10. Online Banking
  11. Legal
  12. Travel and Accommodation
  13. Blogging
  14. Web Development
  15. Web Hosting
What is the Most Money Google Can Make For Each Click on Ads?

Ans: Google Can Make up to $1000 For Each Click.

Which is the Most Expensive Keyword Category In Google Ads?

Ans: The most Expensive keyword Category In Google Is Insurance ( Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance etc.)

What is the Highest CPC for Insurance Keywords?

Ans: The highest CPC For the Insurance Keyword Can go up to $55 Per Click.

Which are the $500 CPC Keywords In Google Adsense?

Ans: There Are Many $500 CPC Keywords In Google Adsense. Some of Them are – Best 18-wheeler Accident Lawyer – CPC $540, Offshore Accident Attorney CPC $525, Construction Truck Accident Lawyer CPC $515, And  Best Motorcycle Attorney CPC $502.

Which are The Best Keyword Research Tools In 2024?

Ans: The 5 Best Keyword Research Tools to Use in 2024 Are – Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest,, And Long Tail Pro.


hope you like this article and find some of most highest CPC-paying keywords On this page. You can use this list of keywords to make more money and target your Blog. This list will speed up your keyword research for your blog. For more information like this keep visiting Sarkarilist.Org.

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    Seo is Another Niche and It is Very Competitive Niche For Bloggers. Here we Have Provided Some Of the High CPC Keywords.

    Correct Spelling “AdSense” instead of Adsense please correct

    Correctl Spelling of Click” instead of clic

    Please check
    Weightloss clinic -$ 10.69 CPC (no space in weightloss)
    Weight loss clinic -$ 9.36 CPC (space in weightloss)

    Vps wordpress $67.16 (VPS is good)

    Software Keywords List : High CPC
    These Are The Highest CPC Keywords Related To Software Which We Search On Google. Check All Keywords Given below (no full stop)

    Insurance High CPC Keywords List 2023 :
    Insurance Is A Very High Competitive Niche On Internet. Every Company Bid HIgh To Stay On The Top. (no need to use capital word after firts letter)

  8. These are just a few examples, and there are many other high-value keywords in the SEO niche. By following the tips above, you can find high-value keywords that are relevant to your niche and that can help you to attract more visitors to your blog and generate more leads or sales

  9. Which Are the High CPC Adsense Keywords For Movie Niches, APK Dowload Niche, Quotes Niches And Digital Marketing Niche For Making Money Online Through Google Adsense

    1. How to find high CPC keywords And what Tools Should i Use For Finding Adsense High CPC Keywordsin 2024?

  10. What Is the Fastest Way To Find Long Tail High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords For My Blog And youtube Channel?

  11. A great article can help someone with keyword research for niche and blog sites. High CPC Keywords For Blogging
    Seo is Another Niche and It is Very Competitive Niche For Bloggers.

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