High CPC Niches List for Blogging, Youtube And Adsense In 2023

High CPC Niches List for Blogging, Youtube And Adsense In 2023 For all content Creators. Friends, different bloggers earn different money on the same page view in blogging, if a Hindi blogger gets 1000 views organically, he will earn from 2$ to 5 $, and if there is an English blog that gets traffic to it from countries like America, then he will easily earn from 20 $ to 50 $. There is such a huge difference in the earnings of a blogger, but why does this happen, then The answer is CPC i.e. Cost per Click, and it varies according to different topics.

So in today’s article, we will tell you about the 10 best High CPC NIche for Hindi Blogging so that you will earn a lot of money on very low page views, and at the same time we will also show some of these keywords of these niches, so that you can get an idea about some of these niches, so let’s start this article from our first blogging below.

High CPC Niches List

High CPC Niches List for Blogging, YouTube And Adsense In 2023

This Is the Complete List of all High CPC Niches For Blogging and YouTube. A full List of all high CPC Niches is Provided below by Our Team.  AdSense High CPC Keywords List 2023: $1000 CPC Keywords

  1. Insurance Niche ($460+ CPC)
  2. Health and Fitness ($130+ CPC)
  3. Cryptocurrency ($107+ CPC)
  4. Automobile Dealership Niche ($82+ CPC)
  5. Make Money Online ($215+ CPC)
  6. Digital Marketing and Advertising ($540+ CPC)
  7. Technology ($105+ CPC)
  8. Flight Booking ($24+ CPC)
  9. Weight Loss ($34+ CPC)
  10. Banking Niche ($216+ CPC)
  11. Downloads Website ($48+ CPC)
  12. Personal Finance ($44+ CPC)
  13. Blogging Tips & Tricks ($57+ CPC)
  14. Forex ($91+ CPC)
  15. Search Engine Optimization / Internet Niche ($495+ CPC)
  16. Domain Names and Registration ($436+ CPC)
  17. Web Development ($269+ CPC)
  18. Law Firms and Attorneys ($471+ CPC)
  19. Information Technology ($141+ CPC)
  20. Databases and Management ($219+ CPC)
  21. Entertainment ($70+ CPC)
  22. Travel and Accommodation ($468+ CPC)
  23. Beauty Tips / Skincare Niche ($201+ CPC)
  24. Web Hosting ($253+ CPC)
  25. Breaking News ($68+ CPC)
  26. Mortgage and Property Care ($389+ CPC)
  27. Cryptography ($152+ CPC)
  28. Car Rental ($61+ CPC)
  29. Computer Repair ($48+ CPC)
  30. Home and Garden Care ($33+ CPC)
  31. Real Estate ($105+ CPC)
  32. Smartphone Apps ($126+ CPC)
  33. Online Courses and Teaching ($107+ CPC)
  34. Farming ($31+ CPC)
  35. Credit Card Niche ( $55+ CPC )
  36. Mortgage ( $30+ CPC )

How to Find a Profitable High CPC Niche to Increase Google AdSense Earnings?

There are Three Simple parameters for Finding the Best Profitable For Your Blogging. Check the Following Things Before Choosing any Niche.

  • Traffic Volume
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Competition
  • Country Target ( USA, Canada, Australia Etc gives High CPC )

FAQ: High CPC Niches For Blogging, YouTube And Adsense

Does AdSense CPC depend on CTR?

Ans: No

Is Auto Insurance ( Car and Bike ) a high CPC niche?

Ans: Yes This Niche is very Competitive For blogging and YouTube. You Will See huge Competition In This Niche. Ranking high Is Not Easy For auto Insurance Keywords. CPC is also very high In this Niche.

Which are The Highest Paying Sub Niches Under the Health And Fitness Niche?

Ans: The following Are the sub-Niches Under Health And Fitness.

  • Beauty Niche
  • Health Food
  • Bath & Body
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Self Help
  • Vision Care
  • Wellness
  • Weight Loss
  • Hair Transplant
What Are the 10 Best Niches For AdSense?

Ans: The following are the Top 10 Best Niches For Adsense.

  1. Health
  2. Insurance
  3. Loan
  4. Attorneys
  5. Banking
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Cryptocurrency
  8. Make Money Online
  9. Blogging and Seo
  10. Cryptocurrency
Which Are the Top 20 High CPC Niches for Blogging, YouTube, and Adsense 2023?

Ans: The following are the Highest-paying Adsense Niches For your Blog and YouTube channel.

  • Insurance
  • Health & Fitness
  • Make Money Online
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Automobile
  • Stock Market
  • Blogging & SEO
  • Forex Exchange
  • Web and App Development
  • Attorneys/Lawyers
  • Electric Vehicles/EV
  • Artificial Intelligence [AI]
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Gardening
  • Entertainment
  • Animal Care &Training
  • Advertising

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