Best Browser Extensions List: Best Google Chrome Extensions List

Best Browser Extensions List for Productivity: 200+ Extensions For Productivity in Chrome Extensions. Users of the Google Chrome web browser may add features and customize their surfing by installing little programs known as Chrome extensions. In order to create these extensions, web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were used. Chrome extensions provide a variety of functionality and may carry out a wide range of activities. Here we are sharing a Complete list of some of the most popular Chrome Extensions.

Best Browser Extensions List for Productivity
Best Browser Extensions List for Productivity

Best Browser Extensions List for Productivity

It’s critical that we maximize our browsing experience as we spend more and more time online. Installing some productivity-enhancing browser extensions is a great approach to do this. We’ve prepared a list of some of the top browser extensions available that may help you stay productive and complete more activities, whether you’re trying to save time, maintain focus, or just streamline your online duties. So without further ado, here are our top selections for the most useful browser add-ons!

S.N Extensions
1 Grammarly
2 1Password
3 Bitwarden
4 Dashlane Password Manager
5 LastPass Password Manager
6 Adblock
7 AdGuard
8 Fakespot
9 Lightshot
10 Microsoft Office
11 Buffer
12 clickup
13 Clockify
14 Calendly
15 Infinity
16 HubSpot
17 Everhour
18 Hubstaff
19 Zapier
20 ChatSonic
21 Add to Trello
22 Aero leads
23 Airstory
24 Amazon Assistant
26 Apploye
27 Auto copy
28 AutoFill
29 Awesome Screenshot
30 Bear – Markdown Notes
31 BeTimeful
32 Bitly
33 Block Site
34 Blue Canoe Dictionary
35 Boomerang for Gmail
36 Briskine
37 Bubbles
38 Checker Plus for Gmail
39 Checker Plus for Google Calendar
40 Clean Master
41 ClearURLs
42 Clippings
43 Cold Turkey
44 ColorZilla
45 ContactOut
46 CSSViewer
47 Dark Reader
48 Datanyze
49 Day One
50 Dictionary Anywhere
51 Diigo
52 Disconnect
53 Document editor
54 DownThemAll
55 Email Finder
56 Email Tracker for Gmail
57 Evernote Web Clipper
58 Extensions Manager
60 Fireflies
61 Firefox Multi-account Containers
62 Fireshot
63 Flagfox
64 Flashcards stash
65 Focus To-Do
66 Font Finder
67 Forest (Extension)
68 FoxyProxy
69 Franz Enzenhofer live test
70 Freelancer Helper
71 Gesturefy
72 GetThemAll
73 Ghostery
74 Go Fucking Work
75 GreaseMonkey
76 Groupboss
78 HealthGuard News Ratings
79 Hiver
80 Honey
81 Hunter
82 Hyper context
83 Imagus
84 Inbox When Ready
85 Instapaper Save
86 Instapaper Save
87 In Translator
88 Just Read
89 Kami
90 Kanbanchi
91 Keys for Safari
92 Keyword Search
93 Keyword Search
94 Koalendar
95 Language Translator by Mate
96 LanguageTool
98 LeechBlock NG
100 Live editor for CSS and LESS
101 Loom
102 MailTag
103 Marinara
104 Markup Hero
105 MarsEdit 5 – Blog Editor
106 Master for YouTube
107 Mate Translate
108 Mercury Reader
109 Microsoft Editor
110 Microsoft Translator
111 MightyText
112 ModHeader
113 Momentum
114 Mouse Gestures
115 MozBar
116 My memorizer tool
117 Mymind
118 News Feed Eradicator
119 Nimbus
120 Ninja Outreach
121 Noisli
122 NoScript Security Suite
123 Notion Web Clipper
124 OctoShop
125 One Tab
126 OneNote
127 Page Analyzer
128 Panic Button
129 Papier
130 Paymo Timetracker
131 PayPal Honey for Safari
132 PerfectPixel
133 Pinterest Save Button
134 PiPer
135 PiPifier
136 Pocket
137 Postlight Reader
138 Print Edit WE
139 Print Friendly & PDF
140 Privacy Badger
141 Productivity Owl
142 Quiet
143 Quixy
144 Raindrop
145 Rakuten
146 Reply
147 Right Inbox
148 Save to Google Drive
149 Save to pocket
150 SavvyCal
151 Screencastify
152 Scribe
153 Search by Image
154 Shut Up
155 Speechify
156 Speed Player for Safari
157 SponsorBlock
158 StayFocused
159 StopTheMadness
160 StoryXpress
161 Streak CRM for Gmail
162 Strict Workflow
163 Stylebot
164 Switch
165 Tab Suspender
166 Tabliss
167 Take Webpage Screenshots Entirely
168 TamperMonkey
169 Text Blaze
170 Text MultiCopy
171 The Camelizer
172 The Great Suspender
174 TMetric
175 To Google Translate
176 Todobook
177 Todoist
178 Tomato Clock
179 Tranquillity Reader
180 Translator for Microsoft Edge
181 Trello
182 TubeBuddy
183 Turn off the lights
184 TWP – Translate Web Pages
185 UBlock Origin
186 uMatrix
187 URL Render
188 Vimium
189 WasteNoTime
190 Wayback Machine
191 Web Paint
192 Web Highlights – PDF & Web Highlighter
193 Wikiwand
194 Win the Day
195 WiseStamp
196 Word Counter Plus
197 Wordtune
198 Workona
199 Workona Tab Manager
200 Yesware for chrome
201 YouTube High Definition
202 zorbi
203 ChatGPT Chrome Extension(extension)

Top 20 Chrome Extensions List:

Best Browser Extensions List: The “best” browser extensions can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, here are some popular and highly regarded browser extensions that offer a range of features and benefits. There are numerous Chrome extensions available, and the “top” ones can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. However, here is a list of 10 popular and widely used Chrome extensions Which are used on a Regular Basis. AdSense High CPC Keywords List 

  1. AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin: These extensions block intrusive ads and improve browsing speed by preventing unwanted content from loading.
  2. LastPass or 1Password: This Password managers help you generate, store, and autofill passwords securely.
  3. Grammarly: This extension assists with spelling, grammar, and style checking in your writing, helping you produce better-quality content.
  4. Pocket: It Saves articles, videos, and web pages to view later, even offline, making it a useful tool for research and personal development.
  5. Dark Reader: It Enables dark mode on websites, reducing eye strain and enhancing readability in low-light environments.
  6. Honey: This Extension Automatically finds and applies coupon codes during online shopping, potentially saving you money.
  7. Evernote Web Clipper: This Extension Save web content, takes screenshots and annotates pages directly to your Evernote account.
  8. HTTPS Everywhere: This Extension Enhances online security by automatically redirecting you to the secure (HTTPS) version of websites when available.
  9. OneTab: This Extension Converts multiple open tabs into a list to free up memory and declutter your browser.
  10. Enhancer for YouTube: This Extension Customizes and enhances your YouTube experience with features like ad blocking, video playback speed control, and more.
  11. Pushbullet: This Extension Sync notifications, links, files, and other content between your devices, improving cross-device productivity.
  12. Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey: This Extension Allows you to run user scripts that modify or enhance the functionality of websites.
  13. PanicButton: This Extension Hides all your open tabs with one click and restores them later, useful for privacy or quick organization.
  14. StayFocusd: This Extension Helps you limit time spent on time-wasting websites by setting time restrictions.
  15. Web of Trust (WOT): This Extension Displays website reputation and safety ratings to help you make informed browsing decisions.
  16. The Great Suspender: This Extension Suspends inactive tabs to save memory and improve browser performance.
  17. Ghostery: This Extension Shows you trackers and other elements on websites, giving you more control over your online privacy.
  18. Momentum: Personalizes your browser’s new tab page with a to-do list, inspirational quotes, weather updates, and more.
  19. Push to Kindle: Sends web articles to your Kindle device for reading later in a distraction-free format.
  20. Google Translate: Instantly translates text on web pages into your preferred language.

List of the Top 15 Best Chrome Extensions:

Here are some popular and must-have Chrome extensions on Your PC. Check the Full List Here.

  1. Google Calendar
  2. HubSpot Sales
  3. TMetric
  4. eesel
  5. Grammarly
  6. Buffer
  7. Oberlo AliExpress Product Importer
  8. Scribe
  9. Loom
  10. LastPass
  11. Everhour
  12. Awesome Screenshot
  13. Checker Plus for Gmail
  14. StayFocused
  15. RescueTime

Chrome Extensions Advantages:

Chrome extensions offer several advantages for users Which Increase Their Productivity. Check Some of the Advantages Here.


  • By adding features and capabilities that suit their requirements and preferences, Chrome extensions let users make their surfing experience more unique.

Productivity Gains:

  • By offering tools for task management, note-taking, time monitoring, and other tasks, several Chrome extensions aim to increase productivity
  • . These add-ons can aid users in maintaining organization and productivity.

Enhanced Security:

  • A number of Chrome extensions with a security focus offer functions including ad blocking, virus protection, and safe surfing.
  • They can aid in securing your internet actions and defending you from dangers.

Efficient Web Development:

  • A number of Chrome extensions that include debugging tools, code validators, colour pickers, and other utilities to streamline the development process are useful for web developers.
  • These add-ons help speed up processes and save time.

Improved material Management:

  • Managing and accessing your favourite websites and online material is made simpler with extensions like bookmark managers, RSS readers, and content filters.
  • They make it easier to find stuff and keep you organized.

Language and Translation:

  • Chrome add-ons can help with translation and language learning.
  • They include features that make it simpler for users to surf webpages in several languages, such as language dictionaries, grammar checkers, and immediate translation.

Social media Integration:

  • Social media integration enables users to share information, plan posts, and check their social media feeds straight from the browser by integrating a number of Chrome extensions with well-known social media networks.

Accessibility Features:

  • For those with vision impairments or other disabilities, Chrome extensions can provide accessibility improvements.
  • These consist of font expansion, colour contrast tools, screen readers, and more.

FAQ: Best Browser Extensions List for Productivity

Which browser is best for extensions?

Ans: Google Chrome is the Best Browser for Extensions.

What are the best free Chrome extensions?

Ans: Some of the Free browser Extensions are Following

  • Keyword Surfer
  • SEO Minion
  • Lusha
  • Calendly
  • LastPass
What is a browser extension?

Ans: A browser extension is a small software module that enhances the functionality of a web browser by adding new features or modifying existing ones.

How do I install an extension?

Ans: Typically, you can install an extension by visiting the browser’s extension store (e.g., Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons) and clicking “Install”.

Can I use extensions on all browsers?

Ans: No, extensions are browser-specific. An extension built for one browser may not work on another without modification.

Are Browser extensions free?

Ans: Many extensions are free, but some might offer premium features for a fee.

Are Browser extensions safe to use?

Ans: Most extensions from reputable stores are safe. However, be cautious and only install extensions from trusted sources to avoid security risks.

How do I manage my extensions?

Ans: You can manage extensions through your browser’s settings. You can enable, disable, or uninstall extensions as needed.

Can extensions access my data?

Ans: Yes, some extensions might require access to your browsing data to function properly. Be sure to review permissions before installing.

Can I create my own extension?

Ans: Yes, you can develop your own extensions using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each browser has its own development documentation.

Do extensions work on mobile browsers?

Ans: Yes, some browsers support extensions on mobile platforms, but the availability and functionality may vary.

Can extensions slow down my browser?

Ans: Yes, having too many extensions can potentially slow down your browser’s performance. It’s advisable to only use the necessary extensions.

What are common types of extensions?

Ans: Common types include ad blockers, password managers, note-taking tools, productivity enhancers, and social media integrations.

Can I use extensions in incognito mode?

Ans: Yes, some extensions can be used in incognito/private browsing mode, but not all. Check the extension’s settings for compatibility.

How do I troubleshoot extension issues?

Ans: Disable extensions one by one to identify the problematic ones. Clear browser cache and cookies, and check for extension-specific troubleshooting guides.

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