List Of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria 2024 ( Updated )

List Of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria 2024 ( Updated): Almost in every part of the world people look for an easy loan process. in the same way Nigerian people also look for instant loan apps to get loans. In this process, they find many apps which provide loans. But not all apps are genuine. Some apps are fake here. To make aware all people here we are providing a complete list of all fake loan apps in Nigeria.

List Of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria
List Of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria

List Of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria 2024

Some fake loan apps include Okash, 9jaCash, KashKash  CashLion, FastMoney, Lendcash, NairaPlus, GGMoney, PalmCash, For Naira, GotCash, RapidCash, EaseMoni, AngelLoan, CashRain, iCredit, NowCash, OxLoan, UCredit, MoniCredit, AjeLoan, AimLoan, Lucky Loan, StarLoan, Kakshpah, Credit Hall, Miko Loan, Cycle Cash, GotoCash, etc. Check full list below.

No. Name of Fake Loan App
1 9 Credit App
2 9ja Cash Loan App
3 Aimloan Loan App
4 Jaeloan Loan App
5 Angel Loan App
6 BorrowNow Loan App
7 Cash Mall Loan App
8 Cash Wallet Loan App
9 Cash Farm Loan App
10 CashLion Loan App
11 CashRain App
12 ChaCha App
13 CreditHall App
14 CycleCash App
15 Ease Cash App
16 EaseMoni App
17 EasyCredit App
18 EasyMoni App
19 FastMoney App
20 ForNaira App
21 GetCash App
22 GGMoney App
23 GoCash App
24 GotoCash App
25 Here4U App
26 iCoin App
27 iCredit
28 KashKash App
29 LCredit App
30 LendCash App
31 LionCash App
32 Lucky Loan App
33 Maxi Credit App
34 Mikoloan App
35 NairaPlus App
36 NCash App
37 NowCash App
38 Oxloan App
39 Palmcash App
40 Rapid Naira App
41 SoftPay App
42 Speedy Choice App

What are the Fake loan apps in Nigeria?

Fake loan apps in Nigeria are not legitimate and do illegal activities including theft of data, asking money And other financial fraud with customers. These applications have the potential to steal your personal data, impose high-interest fees, or fail to provide the requested funds. Make sure loan applications are legitimate, and only use financial services that are authorized.

  • Okash
  • 9jaCash
  • KashKash  CashLion
  • FastMoney
  • Lendcash
  • NairaPlus
  • GGMoney
  • PalmCash
  • For Naira
  • GotCash
  • RapidCash
  • EaseMoni
  • AngelLoan
  • CashRain
  • Credit
  • NowCash
  • OxLoan
  • UCredit
  • MoniCredit
  • AjeLoan
  • AimLoan
  • Lucky Loan
  • StarLoan
  • Kakshpah
  • Credit Hall
  • Miko Loan
  • Cycle Cash
  • GotoCash

Fake loan apps Interest rate in Nigeria:

Fake loans first attract customers at very low rates but after that, they charge very high interest rates to customers. Interest rates in Niregia loan apps are multiple times compared to normal loan apps. These apps charge 100% More than normal apps.

Fair Loan Apps Interest Rates

Here is a list of the interest rates for the top 8 loan apps in Nigeria as of 2024:

Loan app Interest rates
FairMoney 2.5% to 30% monthly or 30% to 260% APR
Branch 15% to 34% monthly
Kuda 0.3% daily
QuickCheck 2% to 30% monthly
Carbon 2% to 30% monthly Or 23% to 68.3% APR
Aella 6% to 20% monthly Or 22% to 264% APR
Palmcredit 14% to 24% monthly Or 48% to 56% APR
Renmoney 2.9% to 34.17% monthly

How to find fake loan apps in Nigeria?

There are different methods and techniques through which you can find fake loan apps in Nigeria:

  • Check for Registration and Licensing
  • Read Reviews and Ratings
  • Review Terms and Conditions
  • Check for Secure Transactions
  • Consult Regulatory Authorities
  • Check for Social Proof
  • Report Suspicious Apps
  • Contact Customer Support
  • Verify Contact Information
  • Advance Payment Demands
  • Beware of Unsolicited Messages from loan apps
  • Download from official sources
  • Read reviews and customer feedback
  • Read terms and Conditions
  • Request For Sensitive Information
  • Request for your signature
  • Bad Reviews Online
  • Availability on Google or App Store
  • The Use of HTTP instead of HTTPS
  • Undisclosed Charges

FAQ: List Of Fake Loan Apps In Nigeria

What are some fake loan apps in Nigeria?

Ans: Some fake loan apps are following

  • Borrow Now
  • NairaPlus Loan App
  • Cash Wallet loan app
  • Ncash loan app
  • 9Credit Loan App
  • Ease Cash Loan App
  • Palmcash
  • LCredit
  • Palmcash Loan App
  • Sokoloan

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