Imagine Dragons Tour Setlist 2024: Tour Dates & Schedule, Tickets

Imagine Dragons Tour Setlist 2023: Tour Dates & Schedule, Tickets. The American pop-rock group Imagine Dragons was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2008. Lead singer Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman make up the band’s current line-up.

Imagine Dragons was founded by Dan Reynolds and Wayne Sermon, who met while students at Brigham Young University in Utah. With the release of their breakthrough song “It’s Time” in 2012, which peaked at number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, Imagine Dragons saw a huge increase in popularity. “Night Visions,” their first studio album, was released in 2012 and quickly achieved commercial success. It generated a number of successful singles, such as “Radioactive,” “Demons,” and “On Top of the World.”

The group has received various honours, including Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and Grammy Awards. On several songs and projects, Imagine Dragons has worked with other musicians including Lil Wayne, Khalid, and Kygo. Right now Imagine Dragons are on Tour And For the fans of the band, We are Here to share the Complete Details of the Tour.

Imagine Dragons Tour Setlist
Imagine Dragons Tour Setlist

Imagine Dragons Tour Setlist 2023

This is the Full Setlist of the Ongoing Latest Tour of Imagine Dragons. Check the Full Setlist here.

  • Follow You
  • Natural
  • Amsterdam
  • It’s Time
  • I’m So Sorry
  • Thunder
  • Whatever It Takes
  • Sharks
  • I Bet My Life
  • Enemy
  • Bad Liar
  • Demons
  • My Life
  • Believer
  • Birds
  • On Top of the World
  • Bones
  • Radioactive
  • Walking the Wire

Dragons Tour Dates & Schedule 2023:

Imagine Dragons Tour Will Start On 8 July 2023 And the Last Concert of the Tour will be held on 9 Sept 2023. Check the complete schedule of the Tour.

Tour DateCities & Venue
8 July 2023Milwaukee, WI, US @ American Family Insurance Amphitheater
15 July 2023Minneapolis, MN, US @ Target Field
30 July 2023Sofia, Bulgaria @ National Stadium “Vasil Levski”
5 Aug 2023Rome, Italy @ Circo Massimo
9 Aug 2023Budapest, Hungary @ Sziget Festival
14 Aug 2023Warsaw, Poland @ PGE Narodowy
16 Aug 2023Vilnius, Lithuania @ Vingis Park
17 Aug 2023St Pölten, Austria @ FM4 Frequency Festival
20 Aug 2023Bratislava, Slovakia @ Lovestream Festival
22 Aug 2023Nanterre, France @ PARIS LA DEFENSE ARENA
23 Aug 2023Nanterre, France @ PARIS LA DEFENSE ARENA
23 Aug 2023Reading, UK @ Reading Festival Weekend & Early Entry
24 Aug 2023Wetherby, UK @ Leeds Festival
24 Aug 2023Reading, UK @ Reading Festival
2 Sept 2023Munich, Germany @ Superbloom
6 Sept 2023Athens, Greece @ OAKA Spyros Louis Olympic Stadium
9 Sept 2023Berlin, Germany @ Lollapalooza Berlin

Imagine Dragons Music Band Facts:

This is the List of some important Facts about Imagine Dragons Music Band. For More Details Read the Table Given below.

FormationImagine Dragons was formed in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
MembersThe band’s current lineup consists of

  • Dan Reynolds
  • Wayne Sermon
  • Ben McKee
  • Daniel Platzman
Debut Single“It’s Time” was their breakthrough single in 2012.
Debut Studio Album Of BandNight Visions” was released in 2012 and became a commercial success.
Hit Singles Of Band
  • “Radioactive,”
  • “Demons,”
  • “On Top of the World”
Grammy Awards Won
  • Won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance for “Radioactive.”
Musical Style Of Band
  • Imagine Dragons’ music blends alternative rock, pop, and electronic elements.
Second Studio Album
  • “Smoke + Mirrors” was released in 2015 and debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.
  • “Evolve” (2017) featured hit singles “Believer” and “Thunder.”
  • “Origins” (2018) included the singles “Natural” and “Bad Liar.”
AchievementsThey have won:

  • Grammy Awards
  • American Music Awards
  • Billboard Music Awards.

FAQ: Imagine Dragons Tour Setlist

When was Imagine Dragons formed?

Ans: In 2008

Where is Imagine Dragons from?

Ans: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Who are the members of Imagine Dragons?

Ans: Dan Reynolds (lead vocalist), Wayne Sermon (guitarist), Ben McKee (bassist), and Daniel Platzman (drummer) are Band Members.

What is Imagine Dragons’ music genre?

Ans: Pop rock, alternative rock, electronic rock

Which was Imagine Dragons’ breakthrough single?

Ans: “It’s Time” (2012) Was the Breakthrough Single

What is Imagine Dragons’ biggest hit?

Ans: “Radioactive”

How many Grammy Awards has Imagine Dragons won?

Ans: They have won one Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance for “Radioactive”

What are Imagine Dragons’ popular albums?

Ans: “Night Visions” (2012), “Smoke + Mirrors” (2015), “Evolve” (2017), “Origins” (2018)

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