Anti Valentines Week List 2024: Check Full List With Details

Anti Valentines Week List 2024: Check the Full List With Details. As February begins, the winds of flirtation start blowing all around. From the 7th to the 14th of February, lovers spend loving moments by expressing their love. However, as soon as Valentine’s Weekend, Anti-Valentine Week starts the next day. In which single or deceived lovers celebrate their Armaan special slap day and breakup day as days. Anti-Valentine’s Week is also celebrated by those people whose proposal has been rejected this Valentine’s Week. Anti-Valentine Week is celebrated from February 15 to February 21. And if the enemies of love want to celebrate this week, then see here the Anti Valentine Week list, what is Anti Valentine.

After celebrating the week of love Valentines from the 7th to the 14th of February, now it is time to celebrate Anti Valentines Week. Know what is Anti Valentine Week, when is Slap Day, and what Anti Valentine Week is listed Here For You. Check All Details of The Week.

Anti Valentines Week List
Anti Valentines Week List

Anti Valentines Week List 2024

Anti-Valentine’s Week begins just a day after Valentine’s Day  February 15. It consists of seven days –

anti-valentines Dates Anti-valentine’s Week Days
15th February 2024
Slap Day
16th February 2024
Kick Day
17th February 2024
Perfume Day
18th February 2024
Flirting Day
19th February 2024
Confession Day
20th February 2024
Missing Day
21st February 2024
Break Up Day
  • Slap Day on February 15
  • Kick Day on February 16
  • Perfume Day on February 17
  • Flirt Day on February 18
  • Confession Day on February 19
  • Missing Day on February 20
  • Breakup Day is on February 21.

Anti-Valentine Week Schedule With Details:

Week Day Details
Slap Day (February 15) As soon as Valentine’s Day ends, on the 15th, the first slap day is celebrated in Anti-Valentine Week. If you have been cheated by your partner, then on the occasion of a slap, you can make them realize their mistake by slapping. And you can start ending the relationship.
Kick Day (February 16) The second day of Anti-Valentine Week is celebrated as Kick Day. To end the love relationship, the partner may need to slap and kick too. If you are not happy in a relationship or are feeling ashamed, then nothing can be better than kicking that relationship hard. In such a situation, by celebrating Kick Day, you can say goodbye to that relationship, you can also do this by returning the gifts given by the partner.
Perfume Day (February 17) The third day of Anti-Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Perfume Day. The day means that you get yourself out of the feelings of the ex and add a new and positive fragrance to your life by buying a new perfume for yourself. So that you will feel good and you will do well.
Flirt Day (February 18) Flirting Day is celebrated on the 18th to relieve the pain of breakup. The day you can flirt with someone else and realize that the end of a relationship does not mean that you will never get another love again in life. And you can look for new and good relationships as often as you want, whenever you want.
Confession Day (February 19) On this day, you can take a big step towards breaking up with your partner. You can tell them the things of your heart that this relationship is not going on with you and you may need to separate. If you break a relationship, it may be necessary to talk both times. In such a situation, you can clear things up by celebrating Confession Day.
Missing Day (February 20) If you’re missing your ex a lot, or you realize that a broken relationship can be fixed. So on this day you can take a last chance or risk to go back to your lost love.
Breakup Day ( February 21 ) Anti-Valentines celebrate breakup day on the last day of the week and let go of the broken relationship. By accepting the breakup with a negative, toxic partner, you can start afresh on this day by taking the burden off your heart.

FAQ: Anti Valentines Week List

What are the 7 days of anti-Valentine week?

Ans: These are the 7 Days of Anti-Valentine Week

  • Slap Day on February 15
  • Kick Day on February 16
  • Perfume Day on February 17
  • Flirt Day on February 18
  • Confession Day on February 19
  • Missing Day on February 20
  • Breakup Day on February 21
What is the anti-Valentine Week on February 17?

Ans: This is Perfume Day – February 17

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