Best 7 Days Loan App List 2024: Do Not Ignore These Apps

7 Days Loan App List: Real Or Fake 7-Day Loan Apps List, How to Install 7-Day Loan App, Eligibility, Documents, KYC Process, Best Apps For 7-Day Loan. You must have heard about the 7-Day Loan App List. This online 7-Day Loan App List is a loan application that provides loans only for 7 days.

These apps come in the list of urgent loans, which give loans without any monthly salary (proof). This is a good thing, but the most important thing to note is that the interest on these loan apps is very high. Not only this, these apps give only 7 days to 15 days to repay the loan. Apart from this, their interest increases from 2 times to 5 times within 15 days when the loan repayment time is the due date. That’s why in today’s post we have brought information about the 7-Day Loan App. So that you know the real truth of online 7-day loans. For More Details Keep Reading this post.

7 Days Loan App List
7 Days Loan App List

7 Days Loan App List 2024 | Fake Loan Apps List In Play Store

The top 10 best 7-day loan app Lists in India 2024 are as follows. Check All these apps Name Below Which are also Registered with RBI. Full Details are Given below.

  • Kreditbee
  • MoneyView
  • TrueBalance
  • Fibe
  • PaySense
  • MoneyTap
  • ZestMoney
  • Stashfin
  • Home Credit
  • Bajaj Finserv

These are the top 10 7-day loan Apps of India in 2024, that work legally, are registered with RBI and are also easily available on the Google Play Store. The 7 Days Loan app list includes Creditbee, MoneyView, TrueBalance, Fibe, PaySense, MoneyTap, ZestMoney, Faircent, Home Credit, and Bajaj Finserv.

Apps Loan (amount) Interest (%)
Money View ₹10,000 – 5 lakh 16%-39%
Kreditbee ₹1,000 – 2 lakh 0%-29.95%
PaySense ₹5,000 – 5 lakh 16%-36%
True Balance ₹1,000 – 1 lakh 5% P.M.
Fibe ₹3,000 – 5 Lakh 0%-30%
MoneyTap ₹3,000 – 5 lakh 13%-36%
ZestMoney ₹1,000 – 10 lakh 36%
Home Credit ₹10,000- 2 lakh 19%-56%
Bajaj Finserv ₹30,000 – 5 lakh 12%-34%

What are 7-Day Loan Apps?

7 Days Loan is a type of emergency loan app where the loan is given without any proof and it has to be paid within 7 days after taking the loan. These 7-day applications offer loans at high interest so that they earn more in a few days. Most of these apps do not Operate For a long Time. Most of these apps are Not approved by the RBI. After Some Time These apps Companies Withdrew apps from the Store and Created another App For a 77-day Loan and the same company created a loan app with another name and started giving loans for 7 days again.

Fake 7-Day Loan Apps List:

Here is the list of 80+ fake loan apps list in India.

  • Yes rupee
  • Star loan
  • Rupee spark
  • Home loan
  • Agile loan
  • Sunshine
  • Infinity
  • Cash cola
  • Easy credit loan
  • Fast rupee
  • Go go loan
  • go cash
  • Fair credit line
  • Cash advanace
  • Fast coin
  • Ariaeko loan
  • Beloan app
  • Rupee king
  • Rupee wallet
  • Flipcash
  • Cash fast
  • Fastcash
  • Instant loan
  • Cash pocket
  • Hello rupee
  • Small credit
  • More cash
  • Fish loan
  • Flash rupee
  • Dhani loan
  • Magic money loan
  • Money voult
  • Life stream loan
  • Frash loan
  • Credit wallet
  • OB cash loan
  • Onstream app
  • Money tree
  • Discover loan
  • Simpl Cash Loan
  • Pesin Bee
  • Cash room
  • INS loan
  • Asan loan
  • Eslite loan
  • Ok rupee loan
  • HI-Pocket
  • Rupee Park App
  • Hugo Loan App
  • Turrant Loan App
  • Yes Cash Loan
  • Safety Rupee Loan
  • Maxim Loan
  • Friendly cash Loan
  • AA Loan App
  • Glory Loan
  • Swift Rupee
  • Faith Loan App
  • Rupee Today Loan
  • Yeah Rupee Loana
  • Loanbandhu Loan
  • Base Cash Loan
  • Golden Rupee
  • RupayeKey Loan
  • Happy Loan App
  • Mobipocket Loan
  • Cash Planet Loan
  • Future Wallet
  • Pat Money
  • Yash Rupaya
  • Serpent Coin
  • Alliance Real Loan
  • Miracle Pocket
  • Rupee Empire
  • Shiny Rupee
  • CashExpress Loan
  • Living Loan App
  • Credit Park Loan
  • TakaPot Loan
  • Loan Planet App
  • TakaMall Loan

What is 7 Days Loan App Harassment Complaint Number?

7 Days Loan App Harassment Complaint Number is 1930. If you are facing harassment from fake loan app agents, or are molesting you which is causing you trouble, you need to ask for help or assistance. To report such issues, you can contact the National Cyber Crime Helpline 1930. You can also file a complaint on the official cyber crime reporting website,

What is the 7-Day Fake Loan App Interest Rates?

7 Days Loan App List Interest Rate
Rupee Park App Starting 18.25%
Hugo Loan App 18% To 22%
Maxim Loan Starting 35%
Glory Loan Starting 17%
HI-Pocket 10% -20%
Yes Cash Loan Starting 18.25%
Swift Rupee Starting 18.25%
Miracle Pocket 8% To 35%
Shiny Rupee 10% To 30%
Living Loan App Starting 22%
TakaPot Loan Starting 34%
Simpl Cash Loan Starting 18%
TakaMall Loan Starting 18.25%
Loan Planet App Starting 18.25%
Credit Park Loan Starting 15.28%
Serpent Coin 15% To 28%
Pat Money 15% To 32%
Instant Loan 12% To 31%
Small Credit Starting 15%
Cash Room 16% -28%

How to Avoid taking a loan From a 7 Days Loan App List?

Usually, people want to take a loan in some way when there is an urgent need for money, they feel that if the loan is not repaid on time, the interest will increase. But let us tell you that fake loan application 7 days loan app as soon as the time is over, they start blackmailing you and withdrawing money. Which can cause you to go into depression. So before Taking Any Loan From these Apps, you Should Think twice. Always Try to Take loans from genuine and RBI Registered Loan Apps.

How to identify the 7 Days Loan App as Real or fake?

Here we Are Providing you with all the information About How to identify the 7-day loan app. Check all Points below.

  • The 7-Day Loan App is not registered by RBI and NBFC.
  • Their ratings are not good on the Play Store.
  • They start making a lot of calls, and messages to give loans.
  • It tells you to give a loan at attractive interest.
  • The 7-Day Loan App approves the loan without checking the credit score.

Which are the Top Loan App In India in 2024?

Following are the Best Loan Apps In India Which are also Registered with RBI. Full List of all RBI RBI-registered loan Apps Can be accessed through This Link. Fake Loan App List 2024: 500+ Loan Apps You Should Avoid.

7 Days Loan App List Interest Rate (APR)
Navi Starting 9.9%
Money View Starting 1.33% Per Month
Mpokket 2% – 4% (Monthly)
MoneyTap 1.08% per month (12.96%)
Paytm 20/12=1.66% P.M
Phonepe 9.6% P.A
Google Pay 1.33% – 15%
KreditBee 1.02% – 2.49% P.M
HomeCredit 24%, – 34%
CASHe 2.50% Per Month

FAQ: 7 Days Loan App 2024 List

What is 7 days loan app?

Ans: An application that is spread in the market to give loans for a short time and earn money in the amount by paying maximum interest.

Should I take a loan from the 7-day loan app?

Ans: No, such loan applications should be avoided, it is only designed to rob people.

What will happen if the money of the lending company is not repaid for 7 days?

Ans: If you have taken a loan from the 7 Day Loan app and are unable to repay, then they will blackmail you based on photos, and numbers through the permissions allowed by you through their application. To get a loan from such an app, keep your mobile device empty so that your data does not go to them.

Which are the Top 10 Best 7-Day Loan Apps?

Ans: Here is the list of the 10 Best 7-Day Loan Apps

  • Kreditbee
  • MoneyView
  • TrueBalance
  • Fibe
  • PaySense
  • MoneyTap
  • ZestMoney
  • Stashfin
  • Home Credit
  • Bajaj Finserv
How to download 7 days loan app list apk?

Ans: 7 days loan app list apk latest version is available on this page. you can download the full apk list of all loan apps here. Click on this link.

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