Negative Keywords List 2024 For Google Ads : Latest Updated List

Negative Keywords List 2024 For Google Ads: Latest Updated List of The Ultimate 1000-word negative keyword list. Boost your Google Ads campaigns with our comprehensive list of 1000 negative keywords to add to your campaign And Earn Huge money. Download your FREE list of Negative keywords From here. Running a successful ad campaign in Google Ads is often confusing and complicated, we have to take care of the time to time whether our selected keywords are giving better ROI (return on investment).

When we do not get a good ROI, the only option is to optimize our campaign. Negative keywords are one such example. It doesn’t matter if you’re using it for the first time or not, it’s easy to use. Through negative keywords, you can define phrases in Google Ads on which you do not want your ads to appear. This allows you to save your money.

Negative Keywords List
Negative Keywords List

What are negative keywords?

Negative keywords are a way to tell Google that it does not have to show your ads on which phrases. It’s a straightforward process. Suppose you have a “Digital Marketing Agency”, and the keyword you have used is “Digital Marketing“, Google will automatically show your ads on all keywords that complete the phrases of Digital Marketing such as “Free Digital Marketing Courses” and “What is Digital Marketing“, “Learn Digital Marketing Online”. But you are providing service to people, not telling them about digital marketing courses or what is digital marketing. With this, if someone goes to your results and clicks on your ads, then it is not going to be of any use, so negative keywords are used so that we can block the phrases on which we do not want our ads.

Negative keywords Lists :

An example of the Most important Negative Keywords is Given below. Check the Full List of all Negative keywords.

  • Amazon
  • cheap
  • craigslist
  • gumtree
  • directions
  • download
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Facebook
  • free
  • game
  • games
  • map
  • maps
  • myspace
  • naked
  • no charge
  • no cost
  • nude
  • porn
  • porno
  • recipe
  • sample
  • sampler
  • samples
  • sampling
  • torrent
  • torrents
  • udemy
  • video
  • Vimeo
  • youtube
  • Free
  • Nude
  • YouTube
  • Torrent
  • Jobs
  • full time
  • Resumes
  • Careers
  • Cheap
  • Naked
  • Hire
  • Torrents
  • Occupation
  • part-time
  • Salary
  • Intern
  • P*rno
  • P*rn
  • Employer
  • Employers
  • Occupations
  • Work
  • Salaries
  • Recruiters
  • S*e
  • Hiring
  • Employment
  • Job
  • Career
  • Resume
  • Pay
  • Recruiter
  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Learn
  • Class
  • University
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Textbooks
  • Classes
  • School
  • Schools
  • College
  • Tutorial
  • Course
  • Textbook
  • Book
  • Books
  • Review
  • Reviews
  • Article
  • Articles
  • Info
  • how to
  • Pictures
  • Rating
  • Ratings
  • Opinion
  • Opinions
  • Information
  • Pics
  • Photos

Academics and researchers Negative Keywords list:

These are The academic And Researcher’s Negative Keywords. Before Starting a Campaign Check These Keywords.

  • about
  • article
  • articles
  • association
  • associations
  • bad review
  • book
  • books
  • case studies
  • case study
  • community
  • comparison
  • comparisons
  • contest
  • define
  • definition
  • diagram
  • example
  • examples
  • guide
  • guides
  • history
  • info
  • information
  • instruction
  • instructions
  • journal
  • journals
  • magazine
  • magazines
  • manual
  • manuals
  • map
  • maps
  • metrics
  • model
  • negative review
  • news
  • opinion
  • opinions
  • organization
  • organizations
  • paper
  • papers
  • photo
  • photos
  • picture
  • pictures
  • project
  • rating
  • ratings
  • research
  • review
  • reviews
  • sample
  • samples
  • statistics
  • stats
  • studies
  • study
  • success stories
  • success story
  • tutorial
  • tutorials
  • user manual
  • what are
  • what i
  • What is
  • white
  • white paper
  • white papers
  • whitepaper
  • whitepapers

Negative Keywords List For Job Seekers and Recruitment Agencies:

Unless you are running ads specifically to hire people or Recruiting New people. it would help if you stayed away from job seekers’ search results with the following:

  • employment
  • employer
  • full time
  • fulltime
  • full-time
  • group
  • hire
  • hiring
  • intern
  • interns
  • internship
  • internships
  • job
  • jobs
  • occupation
  • occupations
  • openings
  • paid
  • part-time
  • parttime
  • part-time
  • pay
  • postings
  • range
  • recruiter
  • recruiters
  • recruiting
  • recruiter
  • recruiters
  • resume
  • resumes
  • salaries
  • salary
  • sample
  • work

How to Improve ROI On Negative Keywords?

Now you know how important negative keywords are for your Google Ads campaign, it also has a big contribution to PPC advertising. But negative keywords do not protect you from fraudulent clicks, this is also a very big problem that every paid search marketer has to face. If you want to improve your ROI, then use fraud click protection along with negative keywords. With this, you can save thousands of rupees from being wasted.

How to find negative keywords?

If you want to search for these keywords, then let your ad campaign run for 1-2 days, then analyze the keywords from which you have generated clicks. Then you put all those relevant keywords in the list of negative keywords so that your ad will not show up on those keywords again. As your campaign gets older – you will have to repeat these processes. If your ad campaign is running on Google Ads, then you need to pay attention to negative keywords.

How are Negative keywords different from other keywords?

With the help of negative keywords, you can save your money from being wasted by blocking irrelevant keywords in your campaign. Using just one keyword can not bring much change to your campaign, when you create extension lists, you can notice your normal keywords, which have got more clicks for less money, and on which keywords your conversion rate is also high. Negative keywords not only save you money but also increase the success rate of your ad campaign. With this, you can reach your target audience very easily.

FAQ: Negative Keywords List

What is a negative keyword?

Ans: A type of keyword that prevents your ad from being triggered by a certain word or phrase is Known As a Negative Keyword.

What is a negative keyword example?

Ans: Negative keyword examples are Following

  • Work
  • Salaries
  • Recruiters
  • S*e
  • Hiring
  • Employment
  • Job
  • Career
  • Resume
  • Pay
  • Recruiter
Where can I find a negative keyword list?

Ans: Apply negative keyword lists to campaigns

  • First In your Google Ads account, click the Tools icon.
  • Now Click the Shared Library drop-down in the section menu.
  • Now Click Exclusion lists.
  • Now Click the Negative Keywords lists tab.
  • Now Check the box next to the negative keyword lists you want to apply to campaigns.
  • Now Click Apply to Campaigns.

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