Godflesh Tour Setlist 2024 – Tickets Price, Tour Dates, Schedule

Godflesh Tour Setlist 2023 – Tickets Price, Tour Dates, Schedule. The prominent industrial metal band Godflesh was founded in Birmingham, England, in 1988. Justin Broadrick (vocals, guitars, programming) and G.C. Green (bass) formed the group. Over the course of their career, Godflesh has put out a number of well-received albums. “Streetcleaner” (1989), “Pure” (1992), “Selfless” (1994), and “Hymns” (2001) are a few famous examples. These records pushed the limits of metal and industrial music while showcasing the band’s developing sound.

Godflesh Tour Setlist
Godflesh Tour Setlist

Godflesh Tour Setlist 2023

Godflesh Tour Setlist is  Following. These Songs Would be Performed During the Concert. For more Details Keep Reading this Post.

  • Nero
  • Land Lord
  • I, Me, Mine
  • Ringer
  • Shut Me Down
  • Post Self
  • Dead Head
  • Streetcleaner
  • Weak Flesh
  • Like Rats
  • Spite


  • Crush My Soul

Godflesh Facts:

Fact Description
Name Godflesh
Origin Birmingham, England
Years active 1988-2002, 2010-present
Genre Industrial metal, industrial rock, post-metal
Founding members Justin Broadrick, G. C. Green
Discography (studio albums)
  1. “Streetcleaner” (1989)
  2. “Pure” (1992)
  3. “Selfless” (1994)
  4. “Songs of Love and Hate” (1996)
  5. “Hymns” (2001)
  6. “A World Lit Only by Fire” (2014)
  7. “Post Self” (2017)
Notable songs
  • “Like Rats,”
  • “Christbait Rising,”
  • “Streetcleaner,”
  • “Avalanche Master Song,”
  • “Mothra”
Influence Godflesh is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of industrial metal and has influenced numerous bands.
Band members (current)
  • Justin Broadrick – vocals, guitars, programming
  • G. C. Green – bass guitar
Band members (past)
  • Various past members
  • Paul Neville
  • Ted Parsons
  • Benny Green
Reunion and recent activity
  • The band initially disbanded in 2002 but reunited in 2010.
  • They have since released new albums and performed live.
Signature sound
  • Godflesh combines heavy
  • Down-tuned guitars with industrial
  • Electronic elements
  • Creating a unique sonic blend.

What is Godflesh Music Band Tour Schedule And Dates?

Godflesh Music Band Will Start Tour From Seattle on 27 June 2023 and Will End on 24 September 2023. The full Tour Schedule is Given below.

Tour Date Cities & venue
27 June 2023 Seattle, WA, US @ El Corazon
28 June 2023 Portland, OR, US @ Hawthorne Theatre
28 June 2023 Portland, OR, US @ Hawthorne Theatre
29 June 2023 Salt Lake City, UT, US @ Metro Music Hall
30 June 2023 Lawrence, KS, US @ Bottleneck
30 June 2023 Lawrence, KS, US @ Bottleneck
1 July 2023 Atlanta, GA, US @ Terminal West
2 July 2023 Winter Park, FL, US @ Conduit
13 September 2023 Philadelphia, PA, US @ Underground Arts
14 September 2023 Baltimore, MD, US @ Baltimore Soundstage
14 September 2023 New York (NYC), NY, US @ Desertfest New York
14 September 2023 Queens, NY, US @ Desertfest
15 September 2023 Cambridge, MA, US @ Middle East – Downstairs
20 September 2023 Montreal, QC, Canada @ Foufounes Électriques
21 September 2023 Toronto, ON, Canada @ Lee’s Palace
22 September 2023 Detroit, MI, US @ El Club
24 September 2023 Chicago, IL, US @ Metro- Chicago, IL

FAQ: Godflesh Tour Setlist

Who is Godflesh?

Ans: Godflesh is an industrial metal band formed in 1988 by Justin Broadrick and G.C. Green.

What is the genre of Godflesh’s music?

Ans: Godflesh is known for its blend of industrial metal, post-punk, and electronic music.

What are some popular Godflesh albums?

Ans: Some popular Godflesh albums include “Streetcleaner,” “Pure,” and “Selfless.”

When was Godflesh’s debut album released?

Ans: Godflesh’s debut album, “Streetcleaner,” was released in 1989.

Who are the members of Godflesh?

Ans: The main members of Godflesh are Justin Broadrick (vocals, guitars, programming) and G.C. Green (bass).

Can I listen to Godflesh’s music online?

Ans: Yes, Godflesh’s music is available on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

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