Starting A Blog Checklist 2024 : List Of Steps For Starting A Blog

Starting A Blog Checklist 2023 : List Of Steps For Starting A Blog on Any niche Or topic. So you’ve decided you want to start a blog, and you know you have something you want to share with the world. Starting a blog is not difficult or complicated. People postpone getting started for a number of reasons. Some think it’s too technical and confusing, while others describe themselves as different from it because they feel they can’t compete in a crowded market. Some people just can’t get started because they can’t decide exactly what they want to blog about, while others hold themselves back for fear of failure.

None of these self-created barriers need to hold you back. The blog you create will be unique and a great way to share information with others with similar interests. You don’t need technical expertise or a ton of money. You just need to overcome all the things that are stopping you from getting started. Here We Are Sharing Complete Steps List To Start A Blog. Just follow These Steps and Write a Amazing blog For world.

Starting A Blog Checklist
Starting A Blog Checklist

Starting A Blog Checklist 2023 : List Of Steps For Starting A Blog

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These are the List Of Steps Which you Should Follow For Writing a Amazing Blog For Your Audience. Follow These Steps Given below.

  1. Be Clear About Why you Want To Start A Blog.
  2. Find Best Niche For your Blog ( Example : Health, Technology, News, Hairfall, Weaightloss, Government Jobs Etc )
  3. Select Your Blog Name.
  4. Design Logo For Your Blog
  5. Buy Domain Name From Any Domain Registrar.
  6. Choose Best Web Hosting Service For Your Blog
  7. Choose a Blogging Platform ( WordPress is Best For Your Blog )
  8. Install WordPress And Connnect With Hosting
  9. Choose all best Plugins For Your Blog ( Full List Of all WordPress Blog Plugins )
  10. Install Theme In Your Blog ( Best Themes For My Blog )
  11. Create Robot.txt File
  12. Submit Your Blog To Search Engines Consoles ( google, Bing And Yandex )
  13. Submit Xml Sitemap
  14. Design Home Page of Blog
  15. Create All Important Pages ( About Us, Contact Us, terms and Conditions And Privacy Policy )
  16. Choose Your Blog Traget Audience
  17. Create blog Pages On ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram And Telegram )
  18. List about ten to twenty keywords For Your Blog
  19. Write Blog Posts
  20. Write Only Unique Content ( Do not Copy Paste )
  21. Optimize your blog posts for search By Using SEo Plugin.
  22. Distribute your blog posts On Social Media Platforms.
  23. Promote your blog posts.
  24. Now Finally After Getting Good traffic apply For Adsense.

What Is a Blog ?

Now understand the meaning of blog Hindi in easy language: – Blog means creating a simple website in which you can write anything of your choice, which we call web writing, content writing. You can use two blogging platforms to create a blog: Creating a blog and blogging is very easy, which even a 12-year-old child can do.

  • Blogger
  • WordPress

FAQ : Starting A Blog Checklist 2023

What is a personal blog?

Ans : Personal blog means your own blog in which you work yourself, from creating a blog to publishing blog posts and doing all the work of blogging, it is called personal blog, which is also called individual blogging and personal blogging.

How much money do you get from blogging?

Ans : How much money you get in a blog depends on your bottom and CPC, but at least you get 1-2 dollars in 1000 views, there is no limit in the least talk, blogging can give you a lot of money.

How to select good topic for blogging ?

Ans : These are some topics in which more revenue is available. Such as,

  • Finance
  • Health
  • Computer & Internet
  • Business Ideas
  • Electronics
  • Gardening
  • Travel
Which is the Best blogging platform ?

Ans : These are The Best Blogging Platform For Your Blog

  • WordPress ( Free )
  • WordPress ( Self hosted paid plan )
  • Blogger ( Free )
  • Tumbler
How to select good web hosting For My Blog ?

Ans : These are The Best Hosting Websites

  • Hostinger
  • WordPress Managed Hosting
  • Shared Linux Hosting
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Bluehost
  • Siteground
  • Hostgater

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