Pokemon GO Card List Price, Released Date, Set List, TcgPlayer

Pokemon GO Card List Price, Released Date, Set List, TcgPlayer – Pokemon Go, a reality game has come up that can be played on smartphones. This game uses your phone’s GPS. You can play it on the go in the real world and catch small virtual monsters. You can train these monsters like ‘Pikachu‘ and ‘Ziglipuff’ to fight with each other.

These monster-based games first became popular in the 1990s when they were first introduced on Nintendo Game Boy. Before Minecraft, but after Yoyos and Marble, the game became extremely popular as cards in schools. These cards were played interchangeably. Pokémon is available on Game Boy and DS. It is also broadcast as a cartoon program on TV. And it is also played as low-tech game cards. But this is the first time that Pokemons has been launched in the market as a smartphone game.

Pokemon GO Card List
Pokemon GO Card List

Pokemon GO Card List Price, Released Date, Set List, TcgPlayer

A small set of only 78 cards and 10 secret cards, Pokemon Go released in July 2022, this set is an exclusive collaboration between the mobile game Pokemon Go and pokémon trading card game. The card has a Pokemon Go logo next to the artwork and contains items, locations and characters from Pokémon Go.

The Big 3 all got the Radiant version in Pokémon Go, Radiant Veensaur, Radiant Charmander, and Radiant Blastoise, and a special peelable card in the set shows a ditto below, check your card for a small ditto near the set logo to see if you have a peelable card.

  1. Bulbasaur
  2. Ivysaur
  3. Venusaur
  4. Radiant Venusaur
  5. Alolan Exeggutor V
  6. Spinarak
  7. Ariados
  8. Charmander
  9. Charmeleon
  10. Charizard
  11. Radiant Charizard
  12. Moltres
  13. Numel
  14. Camerupt
  15. Squirtle
  16. Wartortle
  17. Blastoise
  18. Radiant Blastoise
  19. Slowpoke
  20. Slowbro
  21. Magikarp
  22. Gyarados
  23. Lapras
  24. Articuno
  25. Wimpod
  26. Golisopod
  27. Pikachu
  28. Pikachu
  29. Zapdos
  30. Mewtwo V
  31. Mewtwo VSTAR
  32. Natu
  33. Xatu
  34. Lunatone
  35. Sylveon
  36. Onix
  37. Larvitar
  38. Pupitar
  39. Solrock
  40. Conkeldurr V
  41. Alolan Rattata
  42. Alolan Raticate
  43. Tyranitar
  44. Steelix
  45. Meltan
  46. Melmetal
  47. Melmetal V
  48. Melmetal VMAX
  49. Dragonite V
  50. Dragonite VSTAR
  51. Chansey
  52. Blissey
  53. Ditto
  54. Eevee
  55. Snorlax
  56. Aipom
  57. Ambipom
  58. Slaking V
  59. Bidoof
  60. Bibarel
  61. Pidove
  62. Tranquill
  63. Unfezant
  64. Blanche
  65. Candela
  66. Egg Incubator
  67. Lure Module
  68. Pokestop
  69. Rare Candy
  70. Spark
  71. Alolan Exeggutor V
  72. Mewtwo V
  73. Conkeldurr V
  74. Conkeldurr V
  75. Melmetal V
  76. Dragonite V
  77. Slaking V
  78. Professor’s Research (Professor Willow)
  79. Mewtwo VSTAR
  80. Melmetal VMAX
  81. Dragonite VSTAR
  82. Blanche
  83. Candela
  84. Professor’s Research (Professor Willow)
  85. Spark
  86. Mewtwo VSTAR
  87. Egg Incubator

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