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Government Apps List 2024: Latest Most Useful Government Apps List, Best Government Apps List 2024, New Sarkari Apps List, Latest Government Banned Apps List, Free Fake Apps List, Loan Apps List, Insurance Apps List and Most Useful Apps List at Government apps typically refer to mobile applications developed and maintained by government agencies or departments. These apps serve various purposes, including Service Delivery, Communication, Transparency and Accountability, Public Health and Safety & e-governance etc.

Government Apps List 2024

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Government Banned Apps List

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Fake Apps List 2024

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Government Loan App List

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    About SarkariList.Org

    Latest Government Apps List

    SarkariList.Org is an online information portal that provides the Best Government Apps List 2024, New Sarkari Apps List, Latest Government Banned Apps List, Free Fake Apps List, Government Loan Apps List, Government Insurance Apps List and other latest launched apps list to our readers. We provide a compiled list of all the most useful and productive apps for you. These apps can boost productivity and save you time.

    What do you mean by Government Apps?

    Government apps are the official apps of any government. Government apps provide citizens with convenient access to essential services and information. These government apps cover a wide range of needs such as paying taxes, registration for new schemes, Ration cards, PAN cards, Voter ID, checking election details, accessing healthcare and other government services.

    Government apps aim to streamline interactions between citizens and administrative bodies, ensuring transparency and efficiency in governance. Using these apps, people can save time and effort, stay informed about public policies, and participate more actively in civic activities from their smartphones or tablets.

    Why government apps are important in India?

    Government apps make our lives easier in many ways. These Sarkari apps not only save time and money but also increase convenience and accessibility. Overall, government apps are an important part of the Government of India’s Digital India campaign and aim to make the lives of citizens easier. Let’s see why government apps are important:

    • Convenience: You can now do your official work from your smartphone. You do not need to stand in long lines or make rounds of government offices.
    • Transparency: Many apps provide information about government schemes and services. This lets citizens know what they are eligible for and how to get them.
    • Citizen Feedback: Some apps allow you to give feedback and suggestions directly to the government. This helps the government know how they can improve their services.
    • Less paperwork: Many government apps accept digital documents, which reduces paperwork.
    • Authentic Source of Information: Government apps are one of the best sources of authentic sources of information.

    List of top 23 best Government Apps In India in 2024

    Here’s a list of some prominent government apps in India that serve various purposes:

    1. BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) – UPI-based payments app.
    2. Aarogya Setu – COVID-19 tracking and health app.
    3. Umang – Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance.
    4. MyGov – Citizen engagement platform.
    5. DigiLocker – Digital document storage and sharing platform.
    6. IRCTC Rail Connect – Official railway ticket booking app.
    7. mPassport Seva – Passport-related services app.
    8. GST Rate Finder – Goods and Services Tax information app.
    9. PM Kisan – Scheme for farmers’ benefits.
    10. ePathshala – e-books and educational resources.
    11. COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker – Information on vaccine availability and centres.
    12. eNAM – National Agriculture Market platform.
    13. mAadhaar – Aadhaar card management app.
    14. National Digital Library – Digital resources for learning.
    15. DigiSevak – Digital Seva platform for CSC services.
    16. COWIN – Vaccination booking and certificate app.
    17. eCourts Services – Access to court case information.
    18. Digilocker – Digital storage of documents.
    19. Swachh Bharat Mission – Clean India campaign app.
    20. Sarathi Parivahan – Driving license and vehicle registration app.
    21. mParivahan – Transport-related services app.
    22. mAadhaar – Aadhaar card management app.
    23. UMANG – Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance

    List of Best Government Apps in the USA

    The US government has launched many apps for citizens of the USA. Here are some of the notable government apps in the USA that provide various services and information:

    • CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) provides health information, disease tracking, and guidelines.
    • IRS2Go – It is an official IRS app for tax-related services and updates.
    • My Social Security – Social Security Administration app for managing benefits.
    • FEMA – It is a Federal Emergency Management Agency app for disaster preparedness and assistance.
    • Mobile Apps Gallery – Offers access to various federal government apps.
    • My TSA – Transportation Security Administration app for travel information and security guidelines.
    • Amtrak – Official app for Amtrak train services.
    • mRelief – Helps determine eligibility for public benefits.
    • Federal Registry for Educational Excellence (FREE) – Provides educational resources and materials.
    • America’s Economy – Economic indicators and data from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Economic Analysis.
    • U.S. Postal Service (USPS) – USPS Mobile app for tracking packages, locating post offices, etc.
    • First Aid – American Red Cross app providing first aid information and emergency preparedness tips.
    • ParkMobile – Allows users to pay for parking at various locations nationwide.
    • GovTrack – Tracks legislation and Congressional activity.
    • USGS Earthquake Hazards Program – Provides real-time earthquake information and alerts.
    • Veterans Affairs (VA) – VA App Store with apps for veterans’ services and benefits.
    • EPA’s AIRNow – Air quality information and forecasts.
    • Library of Congress – Access to the library’s resources and collections.
    • NASA App – NASA’s official app with space mission updates, images, and videos.

    What are Fake Apps and How to identify and Avoid Fake Apps?

    Definition: Fake apps are mobile applications that look like legitimate apps, but are designed to harm your device. These fake apps can steal your personal information, install malware on your device, or show you unwanted ads. If you download a fake app, immediately uninstall it from your device and scan your device with any anti-virus or anti-malware software.

    Fake Apps Features:

    Some important features of fake apps are the following:

    • Mimic Legitimate Apps: Fake apps often mimic popular apps and look and sound like them.
    • Fake promises: These apps lure you with unrealistic promises, such as giving things away for free or providing special features.
    • Hidden Charges: These apps may be free to download, but may incur hidden charges for in-app purchases or subscriptions later. Many times these charges appear in small letters or after complex procedures.
    • Unrealistic Promises: Fake apps often lure you by making impossible or exaggerated promises. For example: Offering premium features for free, Telling how to make money suddenly and Magnily enhancing your photos etc
    • Requesting Unnecessary Permissions: Fake apps often require access to things on your phone that they don’t need at all. For example Access to the camera, Location access, Access to microphones and Access to your contacts etc.
    • Intrusive Ads: These apps distract you with frequent and annoying full-screen ads. Many times these ads can lead to malicious websites, which can harm your device.

    Why Fake Apps Are Dangerous?

    Fake apps work like viruses for your smartphone or tablet. These can be a threat to both your device and your personal information. Let’s see how fake apps are dangerous:

    • Theft of personal information: Fake apps can steal your personal information, such as your contacts, photos, and even your bank account information.
    • Financial loss: These apps can sign up for premium services on your phone or steal your financial information by using them.
    • Installing malware: Fake apps can install malware on your device, which can harm your device and put your data at risk.
    • Installing Malware: Some fake apps secretly install malware on your device. Malware is malicious software that can harm your device. It can encrypt your files, slow down your device, or steal your data.
    • Privacy Breach: Fake apps often keep track of your online activities and browsing history. They may sell this information to third parties, making you vulnerable to spam emails and targeted ads.
    Important Tips: To avoid these dangers, only download apps from trusted sources and always read reviews before downloading the app. Also, use a strong anti-virus or anti-malware software on your device.

    Which app has all government schemes?

    myScheme app is an important app created by the Government of India. This app helps you find government schemes. myScheme was dedicated to the nation on July 4, 2022, by the Honourable Prime Minister. The myScheme government platform aims to serve as a Schemes Marketplace providing a one-stop search and discovery platform for government schemes. The goal of the myScheme platform is to deliver government schemes in a seamless, convenient, cashless, paperless, faceless, time-bound, and transparent manner service delivery

    myscheme app

    Main features of the myScheme app:

    • Easy to find government schemes: The myScheme app provides a list of various government schemes. You can view these schemes by category, such as education, health, housing, etc.
    • Eligibility check: You can find out which schemes you are eligible for by entering your basic information.
    • Application Guidance: The myScheme app tells you how to apply for the chosen scheme.
    • Overall, the myScheme app is a great way to get information about government schemes and find out if you are eligible for them or not.

    How to download the Myscheme app?

    • You can download the myScheme app from the Google Play Store.
    • You can also find information about the schemes by visiting the myScheme website [].

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