List of Prime Ministers of Lithuania 2023 | All PM List

List of Prime Ministers of Lithuania 2022 | First PM | Longest Serving PM – The list of Prime Ministers of Lithuania shows all the Prime Ministers of Lithuania from the beginning to the present with their tenure and their respective political party. The full list of all PMs is given below. You can see all the details from the table below

List of Prime Ministers of Lithuania 2022 | First PM | Longest Serving PM

List of Prime Ministers of Lithuania 2022 | First PM | Longest Serving PM

S.NoNameBirth PlaceTenureParty
1Ingrida ŠimonytėVilnius, Lithuania11 December 2020- IncumbentIndependent
2Saulius SkvernelisKaunas, Lithuania13 December 2016- 11 December 2020Independent
3Algirdas ButkevičiusPaežeriai, Lithuanian SSR, USSR13 December 2012- 13 December 2016Social Democratic Party
4Andrius KubiliusVilnius, Lithuanian SSR9 December 2008 – 13 December 2012Homeland Union
5Gediminas KirkilasVilnius, Lithuanian SSR4 July 2006 – 9 December 2008Social Democratic Party of Lithuania
6Zigmantas BalčytisŠilutė, Soviet Union1 June 2006 – 4 July 2006Social Democratic Party
7Algirdas BrazauskasRokiškis, Lithuania3 July 2001 – 1 June 2006Social Democratic Party
8Eugenijus GentvilasTelšiai, Lithuania20 June 2001 – 3 July 2001Liberal Union
9Rolandas PaksasTelšiai, Lithuania26 October 2000 – 20 June 2001Liberal Union
10Andrius KubiliusVilnius, Lithuanian SSR3 November 1999 – 26 October 2000Homeland Union
11Irena DegutienėŠiauliai, Soviet Union27 October 1999 – 3 November 1999Homeland Union
12Rolandas PaksasTelšiai, Lithuania18 May 1999 – 27 October 1999Liberal Union
13Irena DegutienėŠiauliai, Soviet Union4 May 1999 – 18 May 1999Homeland Union
14Gediminas VagnoriusZhemaitiya, Lithuania27 November 1996 – 4 May 1999Homeland Union
15Laurynas StankevičiusAukštadvaris, Lithuania15 February 1996 – 27 November 1996Democratic Labour Party
16Adolfas ŠleževičiusŠiauliai County, Lithuania10 March 1993 – 15 February 1996Democratic Labour Party
17Bronislovas LubysPlungė, Lithuania2 December 1992 10 March 1993Independent
18Aleksandras AbišalaInta, Russian SFSR21 July 1992 – 2 December 1992Independent
19Gediminas VagnoriusZhemaitiya, Lithuania13 January 1991 – 21 July 1992Independent
20Albertas ŠimėnasPapiliai, Lithuania10 January 1991 – 13 January 1991Independent
21Kazimira PrunskienėŠvenčionys, Soviet Union17 March 1990 – 10 January 1991Communist Party
22Vytautas SakalauskasLithuania11 March 1990 – 17 March 1990Communist Party
23Vincas Krėvė-MickevičiusSubartonys, Lithuania24 June 1940 – 25 August 1940Independent
24Justas PaleckisTelšiai, Lithuania17 June 1940 – 24 June 1940Independent
25Antanas MerkysBajorai, Skapiškis, Lithuania21 November 1939 – 17 June 1940Lithuanian Nationalist Union
26Jonas ČerniusKupiškis, Kovno Governorate24 March 1938 – 28 March 1939Lithuanian Nationalist Union
27Vladas MironasKupiškis, Kovno Governorate28 March 1939 – 21 November 1939Lithuanian Nationalist Union
28Juozas TūbelisIlgalaukis, Kovno Governorate23 September 1929 – 24 March 1938Lithuanian Nationalist Union
29Augustinas VoldemarasDysna, Ignalina district municipality17 December 1926 – 23 September 1929Lithuanian Nationalist Union
30Mykolas SleževičiusDrembliai, Kovno Governorate15 June 1926 – 17 December 1926Lithuanian Popular Peasants’ Union
31Leonas BistrasLiepāja25 September 1925 – 15 June 1926Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party
32Vytautas PetrulisKatelišės, Vabalninkas4 February 1925 – 25 September 1925Farmers’ Association
33Antanas TumėnasKurkliečiai, Rokiškis18 June 1924 – 4 February 1925Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party
34Ernestas GalvanauskasZizonys, Biržai district municipality2 February 1922 – 18 June 1924Independent
35Kazys GriniusSelema, Marijampolė, Lithuania19 June 1920 – 2 February 1922Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party
36Ernestas GalvanauskasZizonys, Biržai district municipality7 October 1919 – 19 June 1920Independent
37Mykolas SleževičiusDrembliai, Kovno Governorate12 April 1919 – 7 October 1919Peasant Union
38Pranas DovydaitisMarijampolė County, Lithuania12 March 1919 – 12 April 1919Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party
39Mykolas SleževičiusDrembliai, Kovno Governorate26 December 1918 12 March 1919Peasant Union
40Augustinas VoldemarasDysna, Ignalina district municipality11 November 1918 – 26 December 1918Party of National Progress

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