List of Prime Ministers of Greece 2022 | First PM | Latest Updated List

List of Prime Ministers of Greece 2022 | First PM | Latest Updated List – The list of Prime Ministers of Greece shows all the Prime Ministers of Greece with their tenure and their respective political parties, the longest-serving Prime Minister, the current Prime Minister, the Shortest Term Prime Minister, the Political Parties, the date of tenure, etc. All the details will be found here on this page.

List of Prime Ministers of Greece 2022 | First PM | Latest Updated List

List of Prime Ministers of Greece 2022 | First PM | Latest Updated List

S. NoNameBirth PlaceTenureParty
1Kyriakos MitsotakisAthens, Greece8 July 2019- IncumbentNew Democracy
2Alexis TsiprasAthens, Greece21 September 2015- 8 July 2019Communist Party of Greece
3Vassiliki Thanou-ChristophilouChalcis, Greece27 August 2015 – 21 September 2015Independent
4Alexis TsiprasAthens, Greece26 January 2015 – 27 August 2015Communist Party of Greece
5Antonis SamarasAthens, Greece20 June 2012 – 26 January 2015New Democracy
6Panagiotis PikrammenosAthens, Greece16 May 2012 – 20 June 2012Independent
7Lucas PapademosAthens, Greece11 November 2011 – 16 May 2012Independent
8George PapandreouSt Paul, Minnesota, U.S.6 October 2009 – 11 November 2011Panhellenic Socialist Movement
9Kostas KaramanlisAthens, Greece10 March 2004 – 6 October 2009New Democracy
10Kostas SimitisPiraeus, Greece22 January 1996 – 10 March 2004Panhellenic Socialist Movement
11Andreas PapandreouChios, North Aegean,13 October 1993 – 22 January 1996Panhellenic Socialist Movement
12Constantine MitsotakisChalepa village, Crete,11 April 1990 – 13 October 1993New Democracy
13Xenophon ZolotasAthens, Greece23 November 1989 – 11 April 1990Independent
14Ioannis GrivasKato Tithorea, Greece12 October 1989 – 23 November 1989Independent
15Tzannis TzannetakisGytheio, Greece2 July 1989 – 12 October 1989New Democracy
16Andreas PapandreouChios, North Aegean,21 October 1981 – 2 July 1989Panhellenic Socialist Movement
17Georgios RallisAthens, Greece10 May 1980 – 21 October 1981New Democracy
18Konstantinos KaramanlisProti, Ottoman Empire24 July 1974 – 10 May 1980New Democracy
19Adamantios AndroutsopoulosPsari Trifyllias, Messenia, Greece25 November 1973 – 23 July 1974Military Dictatorship
20Spyros MarkezinisAthens, Greece8 October 1973 – 25 November 1973Progressive Party
21Georgios PapadopoulosElaiohori, Greece13 December 1967 – 8 October 1973Military Dictatorship
22Konstantinos KolliasN.A.21 April 1967 – 13 December 1967Military Dictatorship
23Panagiotis KanellopoulosPatras, Achaea3 April 1967 – 21 April 1967National Radical Union
24Ioannis ParaskevopoulosN.A.22 December 1966 – 3 April 1967Independent
25Stefanos StefanopoulosPyrgos, Greece17 September 1965 – 22 December 1966Liberal Democratic Center
26Ilias TsirimokosLamia, Greece20 August 1965 – 17 September 1965Center Union
27Georgios Athanasiadis-NovasNaupactus, Greece15 July 1965 – 20 August 1965Center Union
28Georgios PapandreouKalentzi, Achaea, Greece19 February 1964 – 15 July 1965Center Union
29Ioannis ParaskevopoulosLavda, Elis31 December 1963 – 19 February 1964N.A.
30Georgios PapandreouKalentzi, Achaea, Greece8 November 1963 – 31 December 1963Center Union
31Stylianos MavromichalisMani28 September 1963 – 8 November 1963N.A.
32Panagiotis PipinelisPiraeus, Greece19 June 1963 – 28 September 1963National Radical Union
33Konstantinos KaramanlisProti, Ottoman Empire4 November 1961 – 19 June 1963National Radical Union
34Konstantinos DovasKonitsa, greece20 September 1961 – 4 November 1961Independent
35Konstantinos KaramanlisProti, Ottoman Empire17 May 1958 – 20 September 1961National Radical Union
36Konstantinos GeorgakopoulosTripoli, Greece5 March 1958 – 17 May 1958N.A.
37Konstantinos KaramanlisProti, Ottoman Empire6 October 1955 – 5 March 1958National Radical Union
38Alexandros PapagosAthens19 November 1952 – 4 October 1955Greek Rally
39Dimitrios KiousopoulosAndritsaina, Elis, Peloponnese11 October 1952 – 19 November 1952N.A.
40Nikolaos PlastirasKarditsa, Greece27 October 1951 – 11 October 1952National Progressive Centre Union
41Sophoklis VenizelosChania, Greece21 August 1950 – 27 October 1951Liberal Party
42Nikolaos PlastirasKarditsa, Greece15 April 1950 – 21 August 1950National Progressive Centre Union
43Sophoklis VenizelosChania, Greece23 March 1950 – 15 April 1950Liberal Party
44Ioannis TheotokisAthens6 January 1950 – 23 March 1950People’s Party
45Alexandros DiomidisAthens, Greece28 June 1949 – 6 January 1950Liberal Party
46Dimitrios PartsalidisTrebizond Vilayet,Ottoman Empire3 April 1949 – October 1950Communist Party
47Nikos ZachariadisAdrianople, Ottoman Empire7 February 1949 – 3 April 1949Communist Party
48Markos VafiadisErzerum, Ottoman Empire24 December 1947 – 7 February 1949Communist Party

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