List of Presidents of Italy 2022 | Complete List Of Italy Presidents

List of Presidents of Italy 2022 | Complete List Of Italy Presidents – The longest-serving president, the current president, the president of the shortest term, the place of birth, the date of tenure, the party etc. Italy’s presidential list shows all the Prime Ministers of Italy with their tenure and their respective political parties, the longest-serving president, the current. Mr. President, who is the current President of your country? You will also get information on which party your current and former presidents belg from. All the updated information is given below.

List of Presidents of Italy 2022 | Complete List Of Italy Presidents

List of Presidents of Italy 2022 | Complete List Of Italy Presidents

S. NoNameStateTenureParty
12Sergio MattarellaPalermo, Italy3 February 2015- IncumbentIndependent
11Giorgio NapolitanoNaplesMay 15, 2006 to Jan 14, 2015Independent
10Carlo Azeglio CiampiLivornoMay 15, 1999 to May 15, 2006Independent
9Oscar Luigi ScalfaroNovaraMay 28, 1992 to May 15, 1999Christian Democracy
8Francesco CossigaSassariJul 3, 1985 to Apr 28, 1992Christian Democracy
7Sandro PertiniSavonaJul 9, 1978 to June 29, 1985Italian Socialist Party
6Giovanni LeoneNaplesDec 29, 1971 to June 15, 1978Christian Democracy
5Giuseppe SaragatTurinDec 29, 1964 to Dec 29, 1971Italian Democratic Socialist Party
4Antonio SegniSassariMay 11, 1962 to Dec 6, 1964Christian Democracy
3Giovanni GronchiPisaMay 11, 1955 to May 11, 1962Christian Democracy
2Luigi EinaudiCuneoMay 12, 1948 to May 11, 1955Italian Liberal Party
1Enrico De NicolaNaplesJul 1, 1946 to May 12, 1948Italian Liberal Party


  • The President of the Republic is elected by Parliament at a joint session of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
  • In addition, 20 regions of Italy have appointed 58 representatives as special electors.
  • Three representatives come from each region, except for the small Aosta Valley which appoints one, so as to guarantee the representation of all localities and minorities.
  • According to the Constitution, the election should be in the form of a secret ballot, with 315 senators, 630 delegates and 58 regional representatives all voting.
  • Two-thirds of the vote is required to elect on either of the first three rounds of voting and a majority after that is enough.
  • The election is presided over by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, who calls for a public count of votes.
  • The vote is held in Palazzo Montectorio, home to the Chamber of Deputies, which has been expanded and reconfigured for the event.

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