List of Presidents of Austria 2022 | Complete List Of Austria Presidents

List of Presidents of Austria 2022 | Complete List Of Austria Presidents – The longest-serving president, the current president, the president of the shortest term, the place of birth, the term date, the party, etc. The list of Austria’s presidents shows all austrian prime ministers with their tenure and their respective political parties, the longest-serving president, the current. Mr. President, who is the current President of your country? . . . You will also get information on which party your current and former presidents belg from. All the updated information is given below.

List of Presidents of Austria 2022 | Complete List Of Austria Presidents

List of Presidents of Austria 2022 | Complete List Of Austria Presidents

S. NoNameTenureParty
1Alexander Van der Bellen26 January 2017- IncumbentIndependent Greens
2Norbert Hofer8 July 2016-26 January 2017Freedom Party of Austria
3Karlheinz Kopf9 July 2016-26 January 2017Austrian People’s Party
4Doris Bures10 July 2016-26 January 2017Social Democratic Party of Austria
5Heinz Fischer8 July 2004 – 8 July 2016Social Democratic Party of Austria
6Thomas Klestil8 July 1992 – 6 July 2004Austrian People’s Party
7Kurt Waldheim8 July 1986 – 8 July 1992Austrian People’s Party
8Rudolf Kirchschläger8 July 1974 – 8 July 1986Non-partisan
9Bruno Kreisky24 April 1974 – 8 July 1974Social Democratic Party of Austria
10Franz Jonas9 June 1965 – 24 April 1974Social Democratic Party of Austria
11Josef Klaus28 February 1965 – 9 June 1965Austrian People’s Party
12Adolf Schärf22 May 1957 – 28 February 1965Social Democratic Party of Austria
13Julius Raab2 April 1953 – 11 April 1961Austrian People’s Party
14Theodor Körner21 June 1951 – 4 January 1957Social Democratic Party of Austria
15Leopold Figl31 December 1950 – 21 June 1951Austrian People’s Party
16Karl Renner20 December 1945 – 31 December 1950Social Democratic Party of Austria
17Austria annexed by Nazi Germany in 1938. Independence restored in 1945.
18Arthur Seyss-Inquart11 March 1938 – 13 March 1938National Socialist German Workers’ Party
19Wilhelm Miklas10 December 1928 – 13 March 1938Christian Social Party
20Michael Hainisch9 December 1920 – 10 December 1928independent
21Karl Seitz5 March 1919 – 9 December 1920Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Austria

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