84 Iphone App Store Scam Apps List 2024 ( Immediately Uninstall Apps)

84 iPhone App Store Scam Apps List 2024: In the last few months, there have been reports of many fraudulent apps in the Apple iPhone App Store. These apps can cause legal issues for users and can also put their personal information at risk. Many of these fraudulent apps promise fake phone information, games or useful tools, but in reality, they can transfer users’ data or force expensive subscriptions.

More recently, a report has released a list of 84 such apps on the Apple Play Store that have been considered fraudulent. These apps attempt to dupe users in various forms, such as cheap descriptions for gold-free video streamers, unique and special games and useful tools, which can then target the data and money of real people.

Apple has taken strict action against such apps, but despite this, fraudulent apps can be easily uploaded to the App Store. Users are advised to download apps from the App Store only through trusted vendors

Iphone App Store Scam Apps List
iPhone App Store Scam Apps List

84 iPhone App Store Scam Apps List Download 2024

The list of fraudulent apps on the Apple App Store is following:

  • Mood Balance: Self-Care Tracker
  • Presets for Lightroom – Vidl
  • Jigsaw Puzzle – Brain Games
  • Lift: Story Maker
  • Dazzle – Insta stories editor
  • Baby Sticker- Track Milestones
  • Life Palmistry – AI Palm & Tag
  • Photoly Remove Object & Editor
  • Facetory: Face Yoga & Exercise
  • VOCHI Video Effects Editor
  • Lucky Life – Future Seer
  • Dazz Cam- D3D Photo Effect
  • Beat.ly Music Video Maker
  • UltraFX – Effect Video Maker
  • Girl Games: Unicorn Slime
  • Impresso – Insta Story Editor
  • PDF Scanner: Document Scan
  • Dizzi – Photo & Video Effects
  • Hyper Cleaner: Clean Phone
  • Highlight Story Cover Maker!
  • Cartoons Me – Photo Art Editor
  • Sweet Pics – Baby Photo Edito
  • Slimy: Anxiety Relief Slime 3D
  • Frame – Slideshow Video Maker
  • Auto Sticker Maker Studio
  • iCons – Icon Changer App +
  • ToonApp Cartoon Photo Editor
  • MagicFX – Magic Video Effects
  • Horoscope 2019 and Palm Reader
  • Handset – Second Phone Number
  • SlidePic – Slideshow Maker
  • Astro+ Horoscope & Astrology
  • FaceMe-Fun Personality Tests
  • Widget PLUS+ – Photo & Weather
  • aipic – Magic Photo Editor
  • Path – Horoscope & Astrology
  • Photo Collage – Collageable
  • Hub – Story Templates Maker
  • iWidget Pro: Custom widgets
  • Video Puzzles – Magic Puzzle
  • Menu Maker!
  • edjing Mix – DJ
  • Guitar – Chords, Tabs & Games
  • Piano – Lessons & Tiles Games
  • WeDrum: Drums, Real Drum Games
  • Metronome – Tap Tempo & Rhythm
  • Guitar Tuner – Ukulele & Bass
  • Guitar – real games & lesson
  • Frames – Picture Collage Maker
  • Facelab – Face Editor & Beauty
  • TeasEar: ASMR Slime Antistress
  • Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology
  • Astroline: The Daily Horoscope
  • FLMX – Video Editor
  • Stickerfy: Sticker Maker
  • Pixomatic – Background eraser
  • SpeedPro Slow speed video edit
  • Music Zen – Relaxing Sounds
  • Sticker Maker – BeSticky
  • Photo To Sketch – Drawing book
  • Drums: Play Beats & Drum Games
  • Beat maker pro – DJ Drum Pad
  • Karaoke Songs – Voice Singing
  • Piano Crush – Keyboard Games
  • edjing Pro – music remix maker
  • DJ it! – Music Mixer Pad
  • Jambl: DJ Band & Beat Maker
  • Guitar Play – Games & Songs
  • Memoristo: Brain Test, IQ Game
  • Loop Maker Pro – Music Maker
  • Metronome Pro – Beat & Tempo
  • Equalizer+ HD music player
  • Bass Booster Volume Power Amp
  • Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App
  • ScanGuru: PDF Document Scanner
  • Drink Water ∙ Daily Reminder
  • Password Manager – Lock Apps
  • Live Wallpaper Maker: 4K Theme
  • RECOLLECT: Color by Number
  • Avatar Maker Character Creator
  • Translator Guru: Voice & Text
  • Ringtones HD ∙ Ringtone Maker
  • Scanner App ∙ Scan & Sign PDF

How do I detect scam apps on the Apple App Store?

Detecting scam apps on the Apple App Store is essential to protect your device and personal information. Here we are sharing a list of some tips for detecting scam apps. By applying these tips, you can reduce the risk of downloading scam apps from the Apple App Store. Always prioritize caution and research before installing any app, especially if it involves sensitive information or transactions. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Check Developer Reputation
  • Read reviews: Genuine apps typically have a reasonable number of reviews and ratings.
  • App Description
  • Number of Downloads
  • Permissions
  • Website and Support
  • Compare Similar Apps
  • In-App Purchases and Ads
  • Check for Official Endorsements
  • App Store Reviews

FAQ: 84 iPhone App Store Scam Apps List 2024

What are iPhone App Store scam apps?

Ans: iPhone App Store scam apps are malicious or misleading applications that deceive users into paying for features or subscriptions they don’t need or provide fake functionality altogether.

How to recognize scam apps on the iPhone app store?

Ans: These apps often offer uncontrolled advertising, promise inappropriate or changing services, or charge money in the name of the feature but do not offer any benefits.

What to do to avoid these scam apps on the Apple Apps Store?

Ans: You can avoid these fake apps in the following ways

  • Check the app’s ratings and reviews.
  • Identify the developer of the app.
  • Download the app from the iPhone’s official website itself.
  • Update your device’s security software periodically.

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