ChatGPT Banned Countries List 2024 : Check Latest Updated List

ChatGPT Banned Countries List 2024: Check the Latest Updated List of all Countries Where ChatGPT Is Banned. The Italian government has banned the Artificial Intelligence chatbot ChatGPT In the Country. This is the first time ChatGPT has been banned in a country By Their Government. Earlier, the French university had banned the use of ChatGPT. Italian data protection officials say that this chatbot is playing with people’s personal information and privacy.

ChatGPT Banned Countries List
ChatGPT Banned Countries List

ChatGPT Banned Countries List 2024

Here’s the list of countries that banned ChatGPT Due To Various Reasons. Check FullList Below.

  1. Eritrea
  2. Eswatini
  3. South Sudan
  4. Syria
  5. Chad
  6. Yemen
  7. Afghanistan
  8. North Korea
  9. Libya
  10. Sudan

ChatGPT Banned Countries List: North Korea

  • North Korea has strict rules regarding the use of the Internet In the Country.
  • The North Korean government in the country maintains proper monitoring of the internet, and access to various popular websites and services is restricted.
  • Thus, ChatGPT is unavailable in North Korea due to government sanctions.


  • Iran is a country with strict internet censorship laws.
  • The nation’s government strictly monitors and filters internet traffic, restricting access to many websites and services.
  • The AI chatbot is not available in Iran, as the government prevents people from accessing it.


  • In Cuba, access to the Internet alone is very low and the Cuban government strictly regulates and censors internet access, and is not even allowed to visit various websites.
  • It is unavailable in the country, as the government does not allow its use.


  • Syria, a Middle East country has strict internet censorship laws.

What country has banned ChatGPT Recently?

Italy’s data protection agency announced an official ban on ChatGPT within its borders, and OpenAI has 20 days to comply With Decision Of Government. If Open AI Do Not Comply , the company could be fined €20 million or 4 per cent of global revenue, whichever is larger. Italy has also launched an official investigation into the technology Of Open AI.

  • The main reason behind the ban, according to Italy’s press release, is user privacy.
  • Italy is concerned that ChatGPT does not have adequate privacy protections for user data and has no rules for minors Users Also.
  • The English translation of the press release calls the ban a “temporary limitation” and it is unclear how long it could last.

Which University Banned Chat GPT Recently?

Science Po, one of France’s top universities, banned the use of ChatGPT in January this year. The university had cited chatGPT as the reason behind this, with the help of ChatGPT, online fraud can increase and the theft of original content can be stolen. The university had said that users of ChatGPT can be expelled from the university and even their higher education may be banned.

Which Country Can Ban OpenAI Chat GPT In the Coming Time?

ChatGPT Was Officially Banned By Italy Government For Users In Italy. Now Online of Italy, Germany has Warned That it Could Ban Chat GPT In Germany For Various Security Reasons.

FAQ: ChatGPT Banned Countries List

Which Countries Banned ChatGPT?

Ans: These Countries Banned ChatGPT

  • North Korea
  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • Syria
  • Italy
What Are the Main Reasons For Banning ChatGPT?

Ans: The Following Are the main reasons Why Most Countries Are Banning Chat GPT

  • Privacy Of Data.
  • No Age limit.
  • Concerns over the illegal collection of personal data.
  • The lack of guardrails to prevent minors from using the chatbot.
  • Threat To Country Security.
Why ChatGPT Blocked In Italy?

Ans: Italy has become the first country in the world to block artificial intelligence software ChatGPT. However, this block is temporary. The European nation has blocked or banned Access to Microsoft-backed ChatGPT over a data breach as it investigates violations of stringent EU data protection rules, the government’s privacy watchdog said.

Who banned ChatGPT?

Ans: ChatGPT has been blocked by the Italian Data Protection Authority. Italian Data Protection Authority was taking provisional action unless ChatGPT respected privacy. The move could affect apps from companies that already have a license with OpenAI to use the same technology that runs chatbots such as Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

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