90 Malicious Apps List You Should Remove App From Phone

90 Malicious Apps List: You should remove them immediately from your phone. As internet usage increases, smartphones are becoming a major part of our lives. However, one of the issues that is hurting the growing use of smartphones is malicious apps. These may steal your personal information, violate privacy, and damage devices.

Malicious apps are apps that are designed without any goodness, only to do evil. The main purpose of these is to steal your personal information, banking details, passwords, etc. In some cases, they are also used to hack your phone. Here we are sharing the complete list of all malicious apps:

90 Malicious Apps List
90 Malicious Apps List

90 Malicious Apps List 2024: Android & iPhone

Malicious Apps List You Should Remove App From Phone table is given below. Check all Malicious Apps List here:

App name File name
Super Hero-Save the world! com.asuper.man.playmilk
Arrow Coins com.arrow.coins.funny
Parking Master com.ekfnv.docjfltc.parking.master
Lady Run com.lady.dress.run.sexylady
Magic Brush 3D com.magic.brush.gamesly
Shake Shake Sheep com.shake.earn.sheep.causalgame
Number Combination: Colored Chips com.yigegame.jyfsmnq.gg
Jackpot Scratcher-Win Real com.physicswingsstudio.JackpotScratchers
Scratch Carnival com.scratchers.jackpot.luckypiggy
Ztime:Earn cash rewards easily com.pocky.ztime
Billionaire Scratch com.free.tickets.scratchers.Billionaire
Lucky Wings – Lotto Scratchers com.free.scratchers.luckywings
Lucky Star: Lotto Scratch com.free.tickets.scratchers.LuckyLotto
Draw a War com.draw.war.army
Rescue Master com.rescue.master.gear.mechanics.wushi
Spin:Letter Roll come.letter.roll.race
Helicopter Attack – NEW com.helicopter.attack.shoot.sanba
Crush Car com.crush.car.fly.delivery.lingjiu
Relx cash com.tycmrelx.cash
War in Painting com.painting.war.inpaper
Bike Extreme Racing com.bike.extreme.raceing.bikegames
Player Spiral Maker 3D com.player.spiral.maker.d3
Match 3 Tiles com.blocks.tile.matching
2048 Merge Cube – Win Cash com.cube.merge.shooter
Fill Color 3D com.cube.fill.color.paint.turn.fei
Draw Live com.draw.live.milipop
Draw 1 Stroke com.draw.one.line.stroke.xipi
Fidget Cubes com.fidget.cubes.feel.like
Girls Fight com.girls.fight.fly
Ninja Assassin com.knifeninja.assassin.dltc
Shooting Puzzle 2020 com.my.bullet.shooting.man.hunter.youxi
Pulley Parkour com.pul.parkour.bbroller
Chop Flake 3D com.slice.chop.superslice3d
Weapon Fantasy com.weapon.fantasy.games
Balloon Shooter com.balloon.shooter.play
Musical Shoot com.ltcmusical.fun2021
Chop Slices com.lvdiao.chop.slices.chef
Ninja Slice com.slice.masked.games
Work Now! com.work.now.slack
Bottle Jump com.bottle.jump.flip.challenge.fun
Corn Scraper com.corn.scraper.cut.pipe.siling
Idle Wood Maker com.idle.wood.maker.gametwo
Pop Girls Schooler com.pop.girls.schooler
Romy Rush com.romy.rushrun
Spear Hero com.spear.super.man.hero
Dig Road Balls com.dig.road.balls.play.games.ygygame
BOO Popstar com.boostar.boo.popstar
Draw CompleteA com.darwa.completea.ltca
Rush 2048:3D Shoot Cubes com.rushcube.puzzle.block
Meet Camera com.magicvcam.hdmeet.cam008
Auto Stamp Camera com.stac.amper.qweaf
Roll Turn com.roll.turn.song.wusi.pt
Hiding Draw com.hiding.drawltc.games
Peter Shoot com.ltc.peter.shoot.tslgame
Design n Road com.ltcdesign.nroad
Draw Complete com.ltcdraw.complete.fly
Thief King com.ltcking.thief.game.tsl
Downhill Race com.downhill.race.redbull
Billionaire Scratch com.free.tickets.scratchers.Billionaire
Lucky Wings – Lotto Scratchers com.free.scratchers.luckywings
Lucky Star: Lotto Scratch com.free.tickets.scratchers.LuckyLotto
Shake Shake Pig com.ldle.merge.free.coinspiggy
Lucky Money Tree com.ldle.merge.lucky.moneytree
Run And Dance com.tap.run.and.dance
Lucky Scratchers: Lotto Card com.lotto.bingo.lucky.scratchcard
Pull Worm com.pull.bugs.worm
Crowd Battle:Fight the bad guys com.crowd.battle.goamy
Shoot Dummy – Win Rewards & Paypal Cash com.shoot.dummy.fast.speed.linger
Spot 10 Differences com.different.ten.spotgames
Find 5 Differences – New com.find.five.subtle.differences.spot.new
Dinosaur Legend com.huluwagames.dinosaur.legend.play
One Line Drawing com.one.line.drawing.stroke.yuxi
Shoot Master com.shooter.master.bullet.puzzle.huahong
Talent Trap – NEW com.talent.trap.stop.all
Shoot it: Using Gun com.bullet.shoot.fight.gtommm.tom
Super Flake com.chop.slice.flake2020
Five-Star Slice com.five.star.slice
Sand Drawing com.sand.drawing.newfight
Mr Dinosaur: Play your Dino com.topggame.facego.finger.crazy.dino
Track Sliding New com.track3d.sliding.new
Beat Kicker New com.beat.kicker.two.game

iPhone Malicious Apps List 2024

iPhone Malicious Apps List is the following:

App name File name
Loot the Castle com.loot.rcastle.fight.battle (id1602634568)
Run Bridge com.run.bridge.race (id1584737005)
Shinning Gun com.shinning.gun.ios (id1588037078)
Racing Legend 3D com.racing.legend.like (id1589579456)
Rope Runner com.rope.runner.family (id1614987707)
Wood Sculptor com.wood.sculptor.cutter (id1603211466)
Fire-Wall com.fire.wall.poptit (id1540542924)
Ninja Critical Hit wger.ninjacriticalhit.ios (id1514055403)

How to uninstall malicious apps from Android phones?

Here’s how to delete an app from your Android phone:

  • Open the Google Play Store app.
  • At the top right, tap the Profile icon.
  • Tap Manage apps & devices > Manage.
  • Tap the name of the app you want to delete.
  • Tap Uninstall.

What is a Malicious App?

A malicious app is an app that enters your mobile phone or computer without permission and steals your personal information or data.

Types of Malware Identified

The malicious apps belong to several malware families, with the most notable ones being:

  • Anatsa (TeaBot): A banking trojan that steals financial information by creating fake login pages for banking apps.
  • Joker: Infamous for subscribing users to premium services without their consent.
  • Facestealer: Steals personal and financial information.
  • Coper: Another banking malware similar to Anatsa.
  • Various Adware: Bombard’s users with unwanted advertisements

Features of malicious apps:

  • Suspicious permissions: Seeking unnecessary permissions.
  • Compilation of stolen information: Collecting your details.
  • Web browser history tracking: Tracking your browsing history.
  • Phishing attacks: Getting your details through fake links and messages.

Methods to identify malicious apps:

  • Suspicious messages and links: They never appear original or official.
  • Set up data usage: If the application consumes unusually much data.
  • Decreased device performance: Slow down your phone’s working after installing the application.
  • Anonymous feedback: The app’s reviews and ratings are unclear.

Protection from malicious apps:

  • Continuous updates: Updating your operating system and apps frequently.
  • Downloading only from trusted sources: Downloading apps only from official Play Stores.
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware software: Using good anti-virus software.
  • Giving permissions wisely: Knowing why the app asks for those permissions before granting permissions.

What should you do if you find any malicious app on your Phone?

If you encounter any malicious app, immediately remove it from your phone:

  • Delete the suspected application: Remove that app immediately.
  • Scan the system: Scan your device completely with anti-virus software.
  • Change passwords: Update important passwords.
  • Contact Support: If necessary, contact your phone’s service provider or technical support.

FAQ: 90 Malicious Apps List

What are the 90 malicious apps recently found on Google Play?

Ans: The 90 malicious apps are deceptive Android applications identified by cybersecurity researchers, which have been found to contain malware, adware, or other harmful software. These apps often masquerade as legitimate tools, such as PDF readers, QR code scanners, and productivity apps.

How can users protect themselves from malicious apps?

Ans: To protect yourself from malicious apps:

  • Review permissions
  • Download from the google play store or an official source
  • Keep your device updated
  • Use security software

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