101 Fake Android Apps List From Google Play Store Removed

101 Fake Android Apps List: From Google Play Store Removed by Google. 101 fake Android apps containing adware or malware in the Google Play Store were traced by companies that collectively have over 69 million installs. These we fake apps and were stealing data from users’ smartphones. Here is the complete list of 101 fake Android apps. Check the full list below

101 Fake Android Apps List
101 Fake Android Apps List

101 Fake Android Apps List From Google Play Store 2024

Here is the 101 Fake Android Apps List:

Armel Bilton App Locker With Password Fingerprint, Photo Locker
Armel Bilton Video Maker Of Photos & Effects, Slow Motion Video
Lukas Podolskies Video Creator With Music & Video Maker Of Photos
Lukas Podolskies Math Solver Camera With Equation Calculator
Lukas Podolskies Mods For MCPE, Maps For Minecraft PE Free
Lukas Podolskies Automatic Call Recorder Incoming And Outgoing Call
Lukas Podolskies Fake Caller With Prank Calling & Call Simulator
Lukas Podolskies Builder For Minecraft With Minecraft House
Lukas Podolskies 30-Day Challenge Workouts For Women, Weight Loss
Noble Gracious RAR File Extractor And ZIP Opener, File Compressor
Noble Gracious Screen Recorder With Audio And Facecam & Editor
Noble Gracious Video Maker: Video Creator With Music And Photos
Noble Gracious Makeup Photo Editor With Auto Makeup Camera
Noble Gracious File Transfer To Another Phone And Share Anything
Noble Gracious Voice Recorder Editor And HD Audio Recording
Antoine Kenyon Data Saver And Data Manager To Control Data Usage
Antoine Kenyon GoFox – Incognito Browser And Private Web Browser
Darry Cowlly Running Tracker With Step Counter And Calories
Darry Cowlly Buttocks Workout: 30-Day Workout & Diet Challenge
Gaspard Aden Automatic Call Recorder Both Sides To Record Calls
Gaspard Aden App Locker With Password Fingerprint, Lock Pattern
Alfred Persen Volume Booster Music Player And Sound Booster
Hwan Seon QR Code Scanner & Barcode Reader, Product Checker
Hwan Seon Assistive Touch: Easy Touch With Control Center
Hwan Seon Voice Recorder And Editor With Cut Recorded Audio
Virgilo Malley Video Slideshow With Music And Photos, Video Maker
Virgilo Malley Beauty Camera Makeup Face Selfie, Photo Editor
Virgilo Malley Cut Photo Editor Background Changer, Photo Filters
Virgilo Malley Vintage Camera With Photo Editor Filters & Effect
Hudson Parker Screen Recorder With Facecam & Screenshot Capture
Hudson Parker Video Editor, Video Maker With Music Photos & Text
Hudson Parker Makeup Camera and Beauty Makeover Photo Editor
Hudson Parker Pixel Art Color By Number & Sandbox Coloring Pages
Wilfred Wessner CPU Phone Cooler To Cool Down Phone Temperature
Wilfred Wessner UltraShark VPN – Free Proxy Server & Secure VPN
Wilfred Wessner Caller Screen Themes With Color Call Flash Screen
Adaline Garraway Video Maker: Video Editor With Music And Slideshow
Adaline Garraway Math Solver With Steps & Graphing Calculator
Adaline Garraway Emoji Keyboard Themes & Color Fancy Keyboard
Adaline Garraway Slow Motion Video Editor & Fast Speed Video Maker
Adaline Garraway Graphing Calculator And Equation Solver Calculator
2NAD App Developer App Name
Daniel Malley Glitch Effect Video, Photo Editor Grainy Effect
Daniel Malley Mod for Minecraft, Mods For Minecraft Animals 2019
Daniel Malley Voice Changer, Voice Recorder Editor With Effects
Daniel Malley Sketch Photo Editor And Pencil Sketch Art
Daniel Malley Horoscope 2019 With 12 Zodiac Sign Master
Alex Joe Face Makeup Camera & Beauty Photo Makeup Editor
Arrow Frankie Video Editor With Music App, Video Maker Of Photo
Arrow Frankie Call Recorder Automatic, Call Recording 2 Ways
Rusty Mari Screen Recorder With Facecam & Audio, Video Editor
Rusty Mari Nucie Cam: Beauty Selfie Camera With Photo Editor
Weldon Hazeltine PDF Scanner Camera Scanner: JPG To PDF Converter
Weldon Hazeltine App Locker Fingerprint, PIN And Gallery Locker
Weldon Hazeltine Photo Collage Maker And Picture Grid Art Frame
Weldon Hazeltine Metronome And Tuner For Instrument
Weldon Hazeltine Relax Sound Sleep Music And Soothing Sounds
Jacinto Macias Cut And Paste Photo Editor With Background Eraser
Jacinto Macias Screen Recorder With Audio And Facecam, Screenshot
Jacinto Macias App Locker With Password Fingerprint, Lock Gallery
Jacinto Macias Video Maker With Music Photos, Video Effects App
Jacinto Macias Photo Collage Maker And Picture Grid, Photo Layout
Jacinto Macias Video Editor, Video Maker With Music Photos & Text
Flavia Sleeman Video Editor With Music And Effects & Video Maker
Flavia Sleeman Cut And Paste Photo Editor To Change the Background
Flavia Sleeman Screen Recorder, Game Recorder With Facecam, Audio
Flavia Sleeman JPG To PDF Converter With Camera Scanner To PDF
Flavia Sleeman Bubble Level Ruler With Inclinometer Free
Douglas Morace RAR File Extractor And ZIP Opener, ZIP RAR Creator
Douglas Morace Automatic Call Recorder Incoming And Outgoing App
Douglas Morace App Locker With Password, Photo Gallery Locker
Douglas Morace Colour Call Screen Themes With Flash On Call
Dulcie Lawing Glitch Effect Video Editor And Vhs Effect Photo
Dulcie Lawing Internet Browser Private To Download Videos HD
Dulcie Lawing Dual Account Double Space, Multi Account App
Dulcie Lawing Alarm Pill Reminder, Medical Reminder And Tracker
Dulcie Lawing Pixel Art Color By Number & Sandbox Coloring Game
Dulcie Lawing Period Tracker, Menstruation & Ovulation Calendar
Kylian Mbapee Call Screen Themes With Flashlight On Call
Kylian Mbapee App Locker Fingerprint & Password, Gallery Locker
ProCam – HD Camera Video Player All Format 2019 With Media Player App
ProCam – HD Camera Photo Collage Maker And Photo Grid 2019 New
ProCam – HD Camera Video Editor Of Photos, Video Recorder With Music
ProCam – HD Camera MP3 Music Player, MP3 Cutter Ringtones Maker
ProCam – HD Camera Beauty Camera, Makeup Photo Editor And Makeover
ProCam – HD Camera PIP Photo Editor With PIP Camera Photo Maker 2019
Evan Well School Hairstyles Step By Step, Braiding Hairstyle
Evan Well Pixel Art Color By Number 2019 & Sandbox Coloring
Evan Well Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults And Picture Puzzles
Evan Well Flower Drawing Step By Step With Mandala Coloring
Evan Well Photo Editor With Square Blur Pic, Slim Body
Evan Well Vlog Editor And Video Maker With Music Photos
Samuels Dynamo Battery Charger With Battery Saver And Optimizer
Samuels Dynamo Memory Booster And Cleaner With Ram Optimizer
Samuels Dynamo Volume Booster and Equalizer, MP3 Music Player
Samuels Dynamo Phone Cooler Master And CPU Cooling 2020
Fruit VPN – Better Connect Kiwi VPN Connection For IP Changer, Unblock Sites
Carrie Waters Volume Booster & Sound Enhancer Music Player
Carrie Waters Cooler Master CPU Cooling, Free Phone Cooler
Carrie Waters Antivirus Cleaner Mobile Security & App Locker
Antoine Kenyon Internet Speed Test Meter And WiFi Test Speed
Antoine Kenyon Perfect VPN Proxy To Unblock Sites With IP Changer

How to Detect Fake Android Apps on your smartphone?

Detecting fake Android apps is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of your smartphone. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Check the App Name and Developer
  • Read Reviews and Ratings
  • Check the Number of Downloads
  • Look at Screenshots and Description
  • what Permissions Requested by the App
  • Check for the app’s Official Sources
  • Always Use Antivirus and Security Apps

How to remove Fake apps from your smartphone?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to removing fake apps from your smartphone:

  • Identify Fake Apps
  • Open Your Phone Settings
  • Go to Apps or Application Manager
  • Locate the Fake App
  • Uninstall the Fake App
  • Confirm Uninstallation
  • Update Your Security Settings

FAQ: 101 Fake Android Apps List 2024

What are 101 fake Android apps?

Ans: 101 Fake Android apps are applications that mimic legitimate apps to deceive users. They often have similar names, icons, and descriptions but are designed to steal personal information, show unwanted ads, or even damage your device.

Where can I download safe apps?

Ans: Users only download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store or the official website of the app developer.

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